Fall. The Perfect Time for Something New for Mom

Going into midlife doesn't mean that we have to stop learning.  Maybe you're like me and every Fall when your kids go back to school, you feel like you should have some kind of new beginning as well.  Am I the only one?

My kids have been in school for about six weeks now and truthfully it's taking me a while to get back into some kind of groove.  Maybe that's because I'm supposed to be starting something new, also.  Why not?!?  When my kids go back to school, I kind of feel like something is missing (mainly my kids).  As soon as they get on the bus, I'm looking for something to do besides clean the kitchen and fold the laundry.  Maybe I need something new to keep my mind and hands busy.  It's probably a good idea to revisit my 50 Before Fifty List and see what I can check off that list.

One of the reasons I created my 50 before Fifty list was so that I could continue to grow and learn and not become complacent.  There are so many things that I haven't done yet, haven't learned yet and haven't seen yet.  I tried to do a good job of spreading my 50 things out through these types of categories: experiences, conquering fears, doing physical things, and doing creative things.  Truthfully, several of the things on my list might be changed before I turn 50, because they're just not going to get done (I mean. . . . . . hello. . . . drive Route 66?  Probably not gonna happen, although we did eat at a restaurant on Route 66 near the Grand Canyon this Summer. . . before my kids abandoned me.)

Some of the things on my list I haven't done yet, simply because I haven't taken the time to learn how to do them.  I need someone to teach me.  For some of the creative tasks that I'd like to learn, I can go to a store and get a hands on demonstration or take a class.  For some of the things I'd like to learn, though, I can try to find the best online learning app and do it at home.  For instance, I don't know much about gardening or photography, but there are courses online that can be found to help me learn.   I just need to take that first step to get the process going and then I can mark them off my list.

If I find something that I can learn online, then I can be working on it while my kids use their google play homework app to work on their school projects.  I don't always like my kids being on their tablets and laptops when they're at home, but a lot of the time that they spend on their electronics they're actually doing school work.  I might as well be learning at the same time, right?

Speaking of the time my kids spend online~~ I might have to give up on that 50 before Fifty list and take some courses just to keep up with the conversations my son tries to have with me.  He is so into social studies.  In fact (and this is a little brag from me!) he tested gifted in Social Studies.  He is always asking me questions and opinions about things that I have no idea about.  Let's just say that any kind of history was never my strong suit and it just didn't hold my interest.

It might be time for me to cultivate an interest, and find the top video learning app  for social studies so that I can learn World History.  My friends and I think it's funny that if we find my son and his friends hiding somewhere looking at the laptop, we're more than likely to find them watching something from National Geographic than something inappropriate.   Believe me, that's a blessing, but I'm falling behind!

There are so many options for me to pursue this Fall.  Which do you think I should do first?

Learn social studies?  Finally learn how to knit?

What would you want to learn if you could take the time for yourself?

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