Field of Dreams: The Benefits of Moving to a Rural Area

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We all want the best for our children, and to do this, it can be quite a financial struggle. From buying our children their first expensive pair of baby shoes, all the way through their school years, saving for college, and then paying for their college, we know the financial impact it can have. In this respect, while we think about providing our children with the best things in life, does this extend to where we used to live? A lot of parents are now changing their whole attitude to living in big cities, and are taking their children to rural areas to raise them. This is, initially, for financial reasons, but is moving to a rural area a good idea overall?

The Personal Benefits
Moving to the country or a rural area, for a lot of people, means a terrible phone signal, and a sense of isolation from the rest of the world. But we get bombarded with information on such a regular basis, that when we do finally detox from this way of life, we realize the damage it was doing to us. The same applies to your children, and in fact, some children are now undergoing a social media detox themselves, and have reported feeling a lot better from that release of pressure. This is exactly the same thing when you are moving away from a busy, built-up city area. You will be able to think clearer and relax. Those feelings of pressure that you can have when living in a city, with people being on top of each other, can wear you down.

The Financial Benefits
Apart from various personal benefits, you are more likely to find a property more suitable to your budget. The fact of the matter is that the more rural you go, the bigger the house you can get for your financial situation. The scope of property in rural areas can be limitless in many ways, even if you go to you can see the sheer scope of properties on ranches and how grandiose these properties are. And not only that, but even if you were looking further into the future, and if you were ever thinking of downsizing, the value of a rural property is going to skyrocket in the future anyway. The trend is slowly going in the direction of people escaping the big city in favor of a more quiet way of living. And if this trend continues, property values will only increase. It makes a lot of sense for you to get a rural property now, because with the rise of transport infrastructures being catered to small towns just outside of a commuter belt, people are prepared to go a bit further away from their workplace just to get somewhere nice to live.

The Social Impact
Although you would feel more relaxed in a rural setting, there is a lot to be said about community spirit in small towns, villages, or places a bit further off the beaten track. A lot of people speak about this community spirit that doesn't appear to exist anymore. We are living in an age where we are more fearful of our neighbors, and we wouldn't dare go to them for a cup of sugar! This sense of community spirit is something that people are mourning a lot now, but this friendliness is still alive and kicking in smaller towns and villages. And even with social media, in many ways, it has helped to strengthen this community spirit. The social impact of moving a family from a big city to a small area like this are seismic. Your children, in particular, will feel the benefit of this the most. If you have younger children going to school, their friendships will be stronger. The communities are smaller, therefore the classes are smaller, which results in a better quality of life for your kids during school time.

The Emotional Freedom
This could be a big thing for the parents. It can be very draining feeling that you have to get up, go to the office, come home drained just in time to go to sleep before you wake up and do it all again. Your quality of life is radically diminished, and being away from stressful environments means you are better to compartmentalize your emotions in this sense. This notion of stress in the modern world is very unhealthy, as we all know, and so by living in a rural environment, it gives you that time to take stock and think about what really is important, instead of going on that work treadmill. Rather than looking back and thinking all you did for 40 years was work, you may want to think more about enjoying your life, and so a rural setting will help in relation to this. It is naturally calming. And it’s not just good in this sense; some of the evidence has been backed by science. Have a look at to give you a small insight of the benefits of spending time in nature. This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the health benefits of being out in the open.

Reconnecting As A Family
And with the benefits of living in a rural setting on every aspect of your personality and mind, it will naturally help everyone to enjoy their lives more; as a result, you will very likely see an improvement in your relationships. Not just between you and your children, but a vast elimination of stress can only have positive effects on the relationship between you and your partner. You are able to spend more time with each other, and as a parent, you don't need to rely on nannies or caregivers as much, because you will be spending that much more time at home!

Living the rural life is something a lot of people consider doing, but decide against it for one reason or another, mainly because they are concerned about being bored. However, the rural existence has so many benefits for your frame of mind, as well as in a financial sense, so it is a great idea to shake up your life and take the plunge!

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