Getting Your Home Back Once the Kids Have Left

If your kids are getting to college age, they are probably already super excited about flying the nest. You and your partner might also be getting quite excited too, but you might feel a tinge of sadness and some nerves. After all, your babies are all grown up and ready to head out on a life of their own!

Things will probably feel a lot different once all your kids have grown up and moved out of your family home. It won’t be quite as noisy or messy as what it once was, and you and your partner might feel like you’ve got a whole lot more space right now!

Now that the kids are gone, it’s time you reclaimed your home for just you and your partner again. There’s now no need to ensure that it is suitable for children or teenagers, so you might want to do a bit of redesigning and any maintenance work that you’ve been meaning to do for ages. Here are some ways you can get your home back in order once your kids have moved out.


Give It Some Time

It’s not a good idea to quickly launch into any major home projects as soon as the kids leave home. You should instead sleep on a few different renovation or maintenance ideas before you commit to one. It’s also important to look at your bank accounts and figure out a budget for all the coming work on your home. That way, you can save yourself from overspending. Some people can get a bit too excited once their kids leave, and end up doing some very rushed or ill-thought-out projects in their home that, in the end, they realize they don’t like all that much. Make sure you’re not one of them!

Embrace Tech

It is ever so easy these days to stay in contact with your friends and relatives using new tech, such as video calls and social networks. So, it’s a good idea to embrace technology and invest in some devices that can enable you to do so. Even if your kids haven’t moved too far away, you can still use all of this great tech to keep in touch easily. So, it really is worth investing in a laptop and tablet devices so that you can use the likes of Skype and Facetime.


Update Tired Areas

While you have kids running around your home, you probably won’t have the time or space to completely update large, important rooms like the bathroom or kitchen. Thankfully, now it’s just you and your partner in the house, you will find that doing these kinds of projects aren’t quite as stressful as they would have been when the kids were living with you. When you do want to start a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project, it’s a good idea to get in touch with a specialist company. They will be able to carry out all the work at a reasonable price in a timely manner. Much easier than if you tried to do this all yourself!


Bring In Items That Reflect Your Personality

Most families decorate their homes in neutral styles so that everyone who lives under the same roof likes the decor. But now that the kids aren’t there anymore and you no longer have to appease their tastes as well, you can be a bit more adventurous and bold with your interior designs. One way to do this is to repaint the walls in any colors or shades that you like and bring in some vibrant decorative items and furniture. If you are a bit stuck for design ideas, you can always have a quick flick through interior design magazines or watch interior design shows on the TV.

Repurpose The Kids’ Rooms

You might be quite upset about repurposing the kids’ old bedrooms but it is something you will need to do at one point. It’s not like they will need them now that they have their very own place! It’s a good idea to keep these bedrooms as spare rooms, as your kids will probably want to come back to stay for a few nights over Christmas and other holidays. But that doesn’t mean you need to leave them decorated like a kids’ bedroom, so it’s a good idea to remove any childish features and make them look a bit more sophisticated. If you want, you could always turn these bedrooms into something slightly more frivolous, such as a games room or a home gym. But that might mean that one of your kids ends up on the sofa if they all come back to visit at the same time!


Consider Airbnb

If you aren’t interested in downsizing anytime soon, you might want to try and make a bit of extra cash out of all the spare bedrooms that you now have in your home. This is ever so easy to do these days thanks to websites like Airbnb and Wimdu. You just need to take some pictures of your spare room and start a profile for yourself on these sites, and then wait to get some bookings. This is an idea for those of you with a few spare rooms as most people on these websites are looking for short-term holiday lets, so you won’t be stuck with a lodger for a long time. You just need to remember to keep the rooms clean and tidy in between bookings so that you earn lots of positive reviews, which will eventually persuade more people to book with you.

As you can see, there is a lot that you can do to your home now that the kids have moved out. But if all of the above points sound like too much work and effort, you can always simply sell your big family home and move into a smaller house that is a perfect size for just you and your partner. The only thing to remember is that you might need to buy somewhere with a spare room so that your kids can come and visit!

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  1. It can take time for the house and family settle down once the children leave home and sometimes by the time you have settled into life with just the two of you then they want to move home again, to save money or because they can no longer afford to live on their own as they are unemployed and need help from mum & dad


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