Go Totally Traditional for a Homier Home

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You can spend a long time trying to decide how to decorate your home. Some people go for a modern look, but others prefer to do something a bit more traditional. If you want to create a cozy home inspired by the decor of the past, you can take inspiration from a variety of periods and design styles. A traditional home often looks homely and welcoming, and sometimes fairly simple, but it can still have modern elements too. If you want to give your home more traditional character, have a look at these ideas to get the atmosphere you want.

Choose Period-inspired Furniture

The furniture you choose makes a big difference when you're decorating your home. Some furniture is super modern, some looks a bit too old-fashioned, and some is timeless. If you're thinking of creating a more traditional look, you want to look for furniture that has a timeless feel. It can invoke the past, without looking like it's stuck in the past. Consider a particular style like southern living decor if you want a theme to inspire you. The cozy southern style is just what you need to create a warm and friendly home. You could buy a mix of new furniture inspired by the past and older furniture if you can find it.

Use Warm and Neutral Colors

Traditional homes usually have a homey atmosphere, and that's often created by the colors used. Rather than cool monochrome or bright primary colors, warm neutral shades are the ideal choice. You can make your home cozy and inviting by choosing the right colors, from deep mahogany to soft cream. While you can use some brighter colors, they can be much better as accents if you don't want to make your home look too modern. Or you can try some darker blues, reds and other shades if you don't want to stick to neutrals.

Homemade Elements

Crafting and DIY activities have become popular again over the last few years. In the past, many people would have made things for their home, from blankets to artwork. Now people are starting to do it again for fun and to save money on their home decor. There are so many things you can make with different skills. You could make some decorations with a hot glue gun, try some sewing and make some cushions, or perhaps knit a blanket or throw. You might even be brave enough to try making some furniture.

Install Traditional Features

As well as the smaller things you can easily move around your home, think about the permanent features you can install too. For example, a fireplace is a great traditional element to add to your home. While you do get more modern designs, you can also find some that will have you feeling nostalgic. Or how about a beautiful traditional staircase, or exposed wood floors? There are some fantastic ways to add period features to your home.

Turn your home traditional with these tips, and it will soon feel more homey. You can create a timeless feel that will look good for years.

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