How the Internet Has Changed the World of Fashion

The Internet has changed nearly everything in our world, there are no two ways about. And one of the things that it has most certainly changed is the world of fashion. Don’t believe this? Well, read on to find evidence as to why this is the truth.

Social media is altering the fashion industry and the speed of the world of fashion in general

Social media has made the world of fashion almost unrecognizable compared to what it was like a few years ago. It has changed it both in regards to what people are wearing and how they are wearing them, as well as how fashion as an industry is now working, doing business and surviving.

In regards to the fashion industry, an example of just how much social media has changed it can be found in this story: it regards Brooklyn Beckham being offered a top fashion photographer role at the age of 16, without any experience in the field of photography or even fashion. It caused an uproar, and the brunt of the criticism came, quite understandably, from far more established and proven photographers who were overlooked for that very lucrative job. Their main criticism was born of the fact that it was believed Brooklyn only received the job thanks to his father, the world famous footballer (soccer, for those of you in the US) David Beckham. But, Burberry, the fashion company in question who gave Brooklyn the job, claimed that this was not the case. They claim Brooklyn was given the job because of his huge following on Instagram, which at the time amounted up to 5.9 million (and has grown even larger since). Burberry claims to have given Brooklyn the photography job because his large following on the photo-sharing social media site created a platform for them that they wanted to exploit. So, in this case, having a huge social media following, and a very specific one at that (young people, mainly females) was just as good as having a long and established CV.

What social media has also done, and continues to do, is alter the speed in which the world of fashion in general changes and transitions from season to season. It does so through the fact that users of social media scroll through their timeline, see an outfit they like worn by an account that they follow, and then seek to replicate it. And this happens every day, all across the world.

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Online ordering has made clothes shopping far more accessible

Being able to order online has made a whole host of things easier to do, but none more so than clothes shopping. This is because of the fact that anybody who fancies making a new addition to their wardrobe need just log onto their tablet, laptop or computer and then onto the Internet; head to their favorite online retailer, such as Ruby Rd clothing; add the clothes that they desire to their basket, which could be anything from knit tops to comfortable crop pants; check out and then wait a few working days for their new clothes to be delivered. And what this means is simple: traditional clothing stores are shutting down if they cannot, or will not, adapt to e-commerce. And it also means this: it is the consumers who hold the buying power now, not the stores. This is because consumers can now compare clothes styles and prices with ease in their own time, meaning there is no longer a need for them to yield easily to the prices asked of them.

What the rise in e-commerce also means is that wardrobes across the world are now filled with clothes that their owner hasn’t even looked at twice, because of the fact that they don’t like them. And they don’t like them for one simple reason: the piece of clothing looked better on their computer screen than it does in real life.

Some may say the changes above are for the better, some may say they’re for the worst. But there is one thing that everybody must agree on: the fabric of fashion has been changed forever, and it has been changed irreversibly. There will never not be a time going into the future when social media will not be the driving choice of fashion choices. There will never not be a time going into the future when consumers don’t hold the buying power. So, whether you like it or not, fashion is now, and always will be from here on in, different thanks to the Internet.

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