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Awww, corn mazes.  A Fall tradition along with pumpkin patches, warm apple cider and watching the leaves change.  Fall is a lot of people's favorite season.  That's obvious by the amount of posts they make about it!  Pumpkin Spice everything!  Bring. It. On! (They say)  Bonfires, football, sweatshirts, flannels, warm blankets.  The season really does have a lot to offer to warm the heart and soul.

I've never really done a lot of corn mazes.  I don't know if they just weren't that popular in Florida?  I mean at the time, we had a lot more orange groves than anything else.  Maybe they had a haunted orange grove?  Who knows!?!  So, this whole corn maze thing is not something that I'm as familiar with as most of the home-grown Ohioans.  Or any other kind of Midwesterner.

Corn mazes are fun, though.  I knew that the object was to find your way out. . . .
I mean, it's a maze.  What I didn't know before I did the first small one with my kids several years ago was that you were supposed to find things along the way.  They usually give you a little card of some sort so that you can mark off the objects, vignettes, stories, whatever, along the way.

The corn maze we just did last week actually had a little tiny map of the corn maze on it so that you  can try to figure out your way to each station that you're supposed to find.  The other corn mazes that we've done in the past might have had maps on them, too.  .  .  but I don't remember that part!  (I was freezing cold & wet the last time we went to a corn maze!)

Here are the photos from the one we did last week!  This time, the girls actually found 2 - 7 really quickly, then we had to go back and find 8, and then 1.  It figures it took us longest to find the one we were supposed to find first!

This one was at Szalay's Sweet Corn Farm & Market in Peninsula.  It's surrounded by the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which is also the National Park where the Waterfall, Ledges and Train are.

When was the last time you did a corn maze?

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