Is Your Home Fire-Proof?

In the news across the world lately, we have all seen the reports of devastating fires. Portugal, Australia and the USA have all been hit with wildfires that have destroyed homes, taken belongings, and generally ripped apart the lives of those affected. Fire in the home is probably one of the worst disasters. You cannot restore documents or photos affected by fire in the same way you can with flooding. You cannot replace precious items of jewelry and unless you are covered by insurance, you cannot replace your furniture straight away, either.

Keeping your home safe from fire is just as important as keeping it locked so intruders cannot come in and take your belongings. It’s not just your things you are protecting, it’s yourself and your family you need to think about. Fire is devastating to a home and if you can ensure your house isn’t going to be at risk from it, you will be one step ahead. You cannot totally protect from fire – if someone lit a match and flung it through the window you’d still be at risk. However, you can take steps to make your home as safe as possible for you. There are some things you should have ready and in place, just in case you are an unfortunate victim of a fire ravaging the home.

  • Insurance. Whether you are a homeowner or not, insurance is important. Speaking to various companies and getting the best insurance for fire protection is important so that you can get some help to recover some of the losses. If you have insured precious jewels or heirlooms already, you can further ensure their safety by getting an in-floor safe. You can browse safes here and choose the best for your home. Doing this means that you can keep important documents, passports and valuables locked away so that if the house did suffer a fire, your most important treasures are safe.
  • Alarms. Did you know that your local fire service can check your fire alarms for you? It can be the difference between life and death, having working alarms and if you aren’t checking yours on a regular basis you need to start now.
  • Fire Checks. Your home should be checked regularly for loose wiring, frozen pipework and even things like glasses in the window ledge that catch the sun. Keep laundry areas well-ventilated and fire safe. If you are a fan of burning candles, you need to be aware of blowing them out. The same goes for leaving hair appliances like curlers or straighteners plugged in and forgotten about. The silliest mistakes can cause a house fire that affects the whole neighborhood, so vigilance is crucial.
Make sure your home has fire blankets or extinguishers on hand just in case of a small fire breaking out, and ensure that every member of your household who is old enough to use a cell phone knows how to dial 911 for the fire service. There’s no need to put your home at risk, so keep yourself protected.

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