My Top Instagram Posts of All Time | Fashion, Cookies, Organic Food, Sunsets, Quotes , Gray Hair & More

These are My Top Instagram Posts since I began using Instagram.  With the variety of Instagram posts that have been well received (at least for my feed),  you can see why I have such a hard time trying to "niche" myself!  Haha.  I'm just not a nicher.  These photos range from organic healthy veggie shots to cookies, clothes,sunsets, quotes and gray hair! And of course. . . . . a messy living room, with laundry everywhere while I drink wine and watch TV.  And a beloved Summer day by the pool as I read magazines and drink tea.  Maybe the great thing about not having a niche is that you guys can see that I truly am just a middle-aged mom of (now) a tween & teen, muddling through this thing we call life, just like the rest of you!  Soccer games, piles of laundry, trying to be healthy, but occasionally drinking the wine & beer while I deal with this thing called menopause (way too young, I might add!)  My life is far from perfect and I try to make sure that every now and then, you guys get to see those things too.  And believe me, there is probably going to be several "dealing with menopause" posts coming up soon, including all of the moods, feelings and adjustments that I'm having to make. . . . including giving up my beloved coffee and wine for a little to see how my body responds.  For now, I hope you enjoy these photos and if you're not following me on Instagram yet, click any of the photos and you'll be able to follow.  I try to make sure to follow back as soon as possible.   😏

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What would your lineup of most liked Instagram photos look like?

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