The Best Careers in the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is one of the largest and fastest growing in the world and skincare is the biggest branch of it. The global sales are expected to be more than $130 billion in just a few years. With beauty and image becoming more important to people year on year, the industry is a fairly safe one to get into and there are so many different job and business opportunities to satisfy most tastes.

There has also been a rise in self made beauty and skincare companies that have been started by bloggers and YouTubers that have come off the back of their online popularity. People often think that jobs in the beauty industry are limited to
hairdressers and nail technicians, but in reality, there are all sorts of different things you could be doing. Another misconception about the beauty industry is that the work is not that valuable but beauty technicians often help people to overcome serious issues with their skin, which can massively boost their self esteem.

Getting qualified to work in the beauty and skincare field often involves a lot more on the job training, rather than a traditional college education. This works a lot better for some people that prefer doing practical training instead of classroom learning. If a career in the beauty and skincare business sounds like a good fit for you, these are some of your job options.

Beauty Blogger

Beauty blogs are huge at the moment and millions of people visit them for advice on products and routines from a trusted source. Products usually contain a lot of ingredients that you won’t have heard of so people often turn to beauty blogs to find out exactly what they’re using as well. Even with a fairly small following, you can make good money from running a successful blog but some people have built million dollar businesses from it. There are quite a few bloggers that have launched their own skincare ranges and managed to make a lot of money because they’ve already got such a huge following to sell to.


Estheticians are essentially skincare technicians and they cover a lot of different areas. Becoming an esthetician is a fairly short process and it shouldn’t cost you too much either. You can get your first certificates from community colleges or cosmetology schools and it will only take one or two semesters. Before you can start working you’ll need to pass a licensing exam to prove that you understand cleanliness and safety in the job. Estheticians usually earn around $30,000 at a normal level but that will shoot up as you progress.

Estheticians have a choice between working in a medical or a beauty role. As a medical esthetician, you can help people to overcome skin conditions and give them advice on how best to look after their skin. Alternatively, you could work in a beauty salon doing treatments for customers. Most estheticians specialize in a particular treatment, while some will use their knowledge and skills to set up their own salon business.


While you can advise people on medical issues and help them to prevent them as an esthetician, you aren’t qualified to perform medical treatments on people. The person that does that is a dermatologist. If you’re more inclined towards the medical side of skincare then this a good avenue to look into. You’ll need proper medical training so that means training as a doctor which is obviously going to take a lot longer than qualifying as an esthetician. Dermatology is an incredibly well paid field and you could be earning around $300,000 a year in some roles.

Sell Cosmetics

Most people have a daily beauty routine that involves all sorts of different products. There are so many beauty and skincare products on the market at the moment and companies are always coming up with new ones. The market for beauty products is massive and it’s always growing. Setting up your own shop to sell cosmetic products is a brilliant business idea that can make you a lot of money.

Organic beauty products are a popular trend at the moment. When you’re putting something in or on your body you obviously want to know what's in there. People are increasingly worried about chemicals in skincare products so lots of companies have started producing completely natural and organic ones. This is the fastest growing area of the cosmetics market and one that you should exploit if you’re setting up your own shop.

Tattoo Artist


If you’re creative and interested in working in the beauty sector then becoming a tattoo artist is a great combination of the two. Tattoos are pretty pricey so you could earn a good living out of being a tattoo artist but you’ll have to put a bit of time in. There are naturally going to be a lot of health risks involved with tattooing so before you’ll be able to work on people, you need to be trained properly. Doing an apprenticeship in a tattoo parlor is the only real way to train. They usually take about two or three years to complete before you can start working. Most tattoo parlors do piercings as well so you can branch out into that as well if you want to start making more money.

Beauty Exhibitions

With so many new products and technologies being released all of the time, it can be difficult for retailers and customers to keep up with the latest trends. Attending beauty exhibitions is the best way to know what products all of the professionals are using at the moment. Somebody has to plan those events and it could be you. It’s a brilliant way to combine all of your interests in the beauty and cosmetics industries if you aren’t interested in the hands on treatment side of things. You’ll need great organizational skills and contacts but the good news is, you won’t need any specific qualifications. If you start up a successful event that runs every year you stand to make a lot of money.

These are just some of your options for a career in the beauty industry.

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