The Stress of Family Bathrooms Obliterated in 4 Steps

The stress of family bathrooms can keep some parents up at night. If you have young kids, you want every room in the house to be suitable for them to use. However, the bathroom can be dangerous for a few reasons. Not only should they never be left unsupervised in there, you need to make sure that there’s minimal chance of them hurting themselves even while you’re in the room.

The following 4 steps should help you to eliminate these stresses:

Get To Your Child’s Level
Get down to your child’s level and look at things from this perspective. What can they see? What can they bump into? Make a point of tidying from this level and even child proofing.

Lock Away All Dangerous Substances
The bathroom can sometimes contain dangerous medicines, and even razors and things that kids should never get their hands on. Lock away these substances - sometimes, making sure they are higher up is not enough.

Make The Decor Stimulating For Everybody
While your kids need to learn to grow up in an adult environment, there’s nothing wrong with making the decor a little more stimulating for them too. You could even just do this with the help of a fun shower curtain, making bath time a breeze!

Buy Quality Materials
As a family bathroom will be used an unfathomable amount of times each day, as well as receive plenty of heavy foot traffic, you must make sure you invest in quality materials to stand the test of time. The cheat sheet below can give you more tips.

credit to Soakology

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