Tools for a Quicker, Healthier Meal

If you've been working all day and then have to come home and cook - you're going to feel like you haven't been able to take a break yet! Let alone if you're trying to go in the healthy direction, (you can learn more ways to stay healthy on It's a given fact that taking time to prepare a healthy meal is a lot more effort than other options - like chicken nuggets and fries that you've just pulled out of the freezer! But in doing this, you are going to fall into a habit, and any kind of regime that you have going on will be lost.

The thing is though, cooking healthily doesn't have to be some super time-consuming task - well, at least not if you have the right tools.
By preparing all of your own food, you will have all of the control over what you're putting into your body, as well as how much of it. So if you're ready to spend the same amount of time cooking deliciously healthy meals as you once did throwing things in the microwave - here are all the best tools that you'll need to familiarize yourself with.

The stems on different salads aren't bad - they actually hold a lot of nutrients inside of them, but having said that, some people aren't a fan at all, and if that' the case then you'll need one of these. This cute little tool has different sized holes in it so all you have to do is push the stem through it, and all the leaves will fall off. Then just collect them and dispose of the stem.

Chopping scissors
Salads are wonderful when they're done, but preparing them can be rather annoying as there are so many different ingredients that can go into it. A great way to save yourself some time is with some salad chopping tongs. These look like scissors, but move in a chopping motion, perfect for all different kinds of vegetables.

Yolk extractor
The yolk of an egg does hold nutrition inside, but sometimes it can be that extra fat that you may not want - especially if you're planning on making some healthy muffins (sweet or savory.) With this little tool, all you have to do is give it a little squeeze, and it will suck up the yolk so you'll just be left with the egg whites.

Double steamer
This is the new way of cooking your food. Not only does it have two-tiers so you can double up on whatever you're preparing, but all you have to do is put it in the microwave and the steamer will eliminate things like butter and oil which is needed when frying food, or even grilling it. Plus, it lowers the amount of time you spend cooking too. So just fill it up and add water.

If you've heard of zucchini pasta, then this is the appliance that makes it. It's a different way of cutting up your vegetables such as zucchinis, potatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, and more. You can then even replace your pasta with an array of different colored veg instead. Not only will it look visually appealing, but you will also be missing out on all the calories.

Juice it up
If you love drinking fruity beverages, than a juicer is a brilliant way to do that while knowing that everything is 100% fresh. Plus, it's a good way to sneak a couple veggies in as well. There are plenty of juicers on the market, so look on for some of the best listed. Apples, strawberries, kiwis, melons, mangos, carrots - whatever your favorite flavors may be, throw them in and start juicing - you'll soon be left with your purest juice yet.

Vegetable corer
It can be very frustrating sometimes when trying to remove the core from all the different veg you're handling without making a huge mess - especially when it comes to peppers! But now things have been made easy with a vegetable corer, so all you have to do is press down and out it pops.

Berry storage basket
After you have washed your berries, you may not have anything that you can keep them fresh in before using them. A usual bowl will just fill with water from the fruits, and then they'll end up going all soggy and flavorless. - This storage basket isn't just appealing - it's been designed to catch water at the bottom without touching the berries, while stopping any condensation from entering.

Year-round grilling
You won't have to get the barbecue blues anymore with this indoor/outdoor electric grill. Grilling food uses a lot less oil than what you would use if you were frying, so this is a great option - and it tastes delicious. And you don't have to wait for the weather to determine what you do, because you can just move it inside if ever the heavens opened.

No mess peeler
Vegetables don't have to have their skin peeled, in fact, that's where a lot of the good stuff hides, but some people don't like the idea of eating the outside - which is fine. But peeling always gets messy, at least it did. This is a tool that peels everything away while holding it inside the container, so no mess is left on your worktops. Then you just empty it out once you're done.

Herbal holder
Herbs are a lovely way to add more flavor to a boring dish, and the fresher they are, the better it will taste. Having said that, herbs don't last for very long once they are out in the air as they tend to wither away within a day or two. You can stop this from happening with an herb container that keeps everything fresh for up to three weeks when kept locked away in the fridge.

Portion control

Sometimes, it's not just the food that you're preparing that's important, but it's also the size of your portions that you're serving. It's actually quite hard to judge appropriate sizes from the naked eye, so now you don't need to. Find out why this is so important on

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