Up-Sizing your Home Without Moving

Do you sometimes feel as if your home is too small or too crammed for your family? You’re one of many to feel this way. Unfortunately, the size of properties is getting smaller in urban areas as the result of the growing population, so most families have to make do with the home they have. Buying a bigger home is far too expensive in most cases, or maybe you can’t find your ideal home in the right location. Welcome to the ever-growing club of unhappy crammed families. You’d be pleased to know that there’s an easy solution to your space management issue that doesn’t involve looking for a new property. There is indeed a big difference between the actual size of a room and the feeling of space that you get when you walk into it. More often than not, changing the way a room is arranged can make it feel more spacious, and while it doesn’t transform its actual footprint, it does change the size in your mind. After all, how you feel at home is the result of your sensory perception.

No more dark and dull
Sometimes your home doesn’t have to be small to feel like it. Rooms that are dark tend to create a suffocating sensation. What you need to make the room appear bigger is natural sunlight. So make a habit to open up all your blinds in the morning — and if necessary get your windows checked and cleaned to let as much light in as possible. Natural sunlight is also an important mood catalyst. If you’ve heard of the SAD syndrome, which is connected to the absence of sunlight during the colder months of the year, it’s easy to understand how keeping your blinds down can have a negative impact on your mood. The more your mood is negatively affected, the smaller and duller your home will feel.

Elegantly positioned furniture
Have you ever considered that you might need to arrange your furniture and appliances appropriately to make the most of the space in the room? For instance, a freestanding bathtub in any room immediately creates a sense of tranquility which makes the room instantly appear much more spacious than it is. Similarly, if you have a small home office, placing the desk away from the wall will immediately create a supersized room. Why so? Because when you push furniture against the wall, the rest of the room becomes a path to the wall only and can bear no other function.

De-crapify your rooms
Time for your Mea Culpa. The human race has built a materialistic society where people define themselves by the things they own. Naturally, this leads to two problems. Firstly, you can’t measure your worth by the things in your home. Secondly, you probably have a lot of stuff you don’t even need. Sometimes, the accumulation of clutter makes the room feel small and busy. All you need is to plan a big decluttering weekend to sort out the excess and get rid of it. Don’t bin everything you find, though. You can sell the items that are still good or donate to charity and help those who need it.

Add some purifying green plants
If the air feels sticky even when you’ve got the A/C unit on, then you might be struggling with poor air quality. Indoor air pollutants are quite common, unfortunately, and they may cause headache, dizziness, and nausea. As a result, your body naturally tenses in the room and tries to use as little air as possible. In other words, your body behaves as if the room were too small for you. A great way around this is to use indoor plants to purify the air. Spider plants are a good beginner option because they can survive easily for weeks, even if you forget to water them! Boston Fern on the other hand needs a lot of water and is ideal to get rid of excess humidity.

Use paint to add depth
Finally, using paint only, you can easily make a room appear larger than it is. Indeed, if you paint the ceiling of a small room in a lighter color then it’ll appear further away. Similarly, you can enlarge a room by using lighter paint colors to remove all edges. Dark colors can be helpful too if you need to reshape a long and narrow room into a square. If you paint the shorter walls a shade darker than the rest, then they will appear closer to you and make the room feel more balanced.

Changing the sensation of space in a room without changing the distance between the walls is a matter of perception, from the abundance of natural light to the smart use of paint. Suddenly, upsizing your home feels a lot easier than it ever did!

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