10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Women Who Love Christmas!

We all have that one friend who loves Christmas just a little bit more than the rest of us, right?  You know the one. . . . the one that had her tree up the day after Halloween.  The one who couldn't wait to start listening to Christmas music.  In fact, she might just keep her Christmas music on standby all year round for whenever the mood strikes her.  I'm sure she already has some of her gifts wrapped and under one of the five Christmas trees in her house.  And she probably has her own personal she-shed where she keeps all of her Christmas decorations during the other 9 months that she doesn't have them up in her house.  If you know someone like this or ARE someone like this, here are some gift ideas for you!

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There are several fun, Christmas finds below for that Christmas-loving woman on your list.  And what holiday season would be complete without wine with friends.  Make sure you never mix up wine glasses with this quartet of Christmas wine glasses.

These socks come in a 6-pack for $14.99.  That's almost as good as getting a 6-pack of Christmas Ale!  Only these will last longer and keep you Merry all day long. . . . not just for 4 hours.  That's almost a week's worth of Christmas socks!

Twinings Christmas Tea.  12 K-Cups for $7.99. I don't have a Keurig, so. . . .
This tea is infused with cinnamon and cloves.  Oh Yummy Night!

For a friend who enjoys doing daily devotionals, here is a daily devotional book.  It has 4.5/5 stars with 40 customer reviews.  Sounds like a nice devotional book for the holiday season. With all of the busy-ness and hectic days, wouldn't it nice to spend some time with God to keep focused?

This dress.  Seriously.  I want to order it right now. I'm not even kidding. It comes in sizes S - XXL in 6 different Christmas prints and a solid black~~ (3 black Christmas prints & 3 Red Christmas Prints).  The fit and flare style is really cute and it has a 4.5/5 star rating with 255 reviews!  Sounds like it's a winner! 

Because I couldn't resist.  The Nostalgia. It's too strong.  My grandma used to get these for my sister and me every year.  YES. It's "me", not "I."  You wouldn't say "My grandmother used to get these for I every year."  There's your Christmas grammar lesson for the day.  At any rate, had to put these on the list for anyone who also used to get these every year.

Oh, for the love of . . . . . . Christmas.  
Now, I'm curious and MUST know what you're buying and selling!
And everyone will have to fight over the reindeer instead of the car.

These leggings come in 19 prints and solids for $12.99 - $14.99.  Sizes are S - XXL. 4/5 stars with over 700 reviews. Make sure you check out all the prints.  All look super cute.

I'm a sucker for an old-fashioned apron.  It looks like there are 4 different Christmas styles.  I especially love the red and white apron with Merry Christmas in different languages. Très festif!

Surely there is something on this list for every Christmas loving woman out there!
Which is your favorite?

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