10 Quick Tips for Growing Families: Adapting Your Home

When you have people moving in with you, or you are planning on having children, you will need to quickly create more space for everyone to enjoy. Home improvements are great ways of adapting your home to the needs of your growing family. No matter if you have elderly parents moving in with you, you are adopting children, or having some on your own, you have to improve the space and the functionality of your house. Below you will find ten tips on how to do just that. 

  1. Employ a Designer

If you would like to make the most out of your home, you might want to employ a designer or get great tips from websites and blogs to transform your living space. If you believe that you will be short of space when your family starts growing, you might want to pick the brains of experts who can tell you whether loft conversion, side extension, or a simple garden room would solve your problem.

  1. Add a Nursery

If you already have a spare room, you can easily convert it into a nursery. If you don’t have a spare room, you might need to make some. In the first few months of your new baby’s life they will be likely to spend most of the time in your bedroom, but you will need to give them space later. If you have a large room, you can compromise and split it to give your baby the space they need. Nurseries can open from another bedroom, even yours, so you can simply use a temporary wall that can be removed later.

3. Focus on Adding Value

While you might want to focus on the functionality of your home when starting your home improvements and remodeling, you also have to consider the future value of the home. You can check the HDB resale price  of your home, and make sure that you add features that future buyers would also appreciate. Create more space indoors and outdoors, add a stunning bathroom, or convert the main bedroom into an en suite. This will help you adapt your home for the needs of your growing family, and maintain your property investments at the same time.

4. If You Are Stuck with Space, You Might Want to Move

Home improvements can be costly, and you might want to simply move instead of adding space. You need to check whether or not there is a demand for the home you currently have on the market and decide if it is time for a change. If your current home is suitable for single people and couples, but is far from good schools and parks, you might not want to spend money on home improvements and look for an alternative property.

5. Extra Bathrooms

If your family doubles in size, using the bathroom will become an emerging issue. If you have enough space, you might want to create a downstairs toilet or bathroom, so everyone can make the most out of their morning routine. If your small children are growing into teenagers, you will definitely need an extra bathroom. They will need their space, and appreciate the effort you made. Alternatively, you can add an en suite bathroom to your bedroom and let the teenage kids share the other bathroom.

6. Separate Space

Even if you create a small bedroom for the extra person, it is better than making them share space. When your kids start growing, they will want their own space. No matter how small, they can hide in there, listen to their music, and get their homework done without having to share the living area with somebody else. Add an extension or convert a storage room into a bedroom, and they will be grateful.

7. Loft Conversions

One of the cheapest ways of creating extra space in your home is loft conversions. You will not have to spend thousands of dollars on materials, and you can create a functional space in a short period of time. If you have kids, make a play room, and if you need to give up your home office for a nursery or spare bedroom, you can move it to the loft. Converting your loft into an office or playroom is a good idea, as it is a separate room in the house. Alternatively, you can create an extra bedroom there for guests or family members staying over.

8. Add an Annex Outbuilding

If you only have family members staying with you for a few months in a year, you might want to create a separate living space for them. If you need the help of an auntie to look after your kids while you work away, or need to employ a nanny, adding an annex building using prefabricated design can be a cheap solution. Make sure that you take care of all planning permissions, and arrange insulation, heating, and plumbing. Some companies can create an annex building in only a few weeks.

9. Convert Your Basement

If your home office or game room currently occupies one of the functional bedrooms, you might want to get a planning permission to convert your basement. You can move your laundry room downstairs and create extra space that way. You can get the kids’ playroom set up in the basement, so they can listen to loud music and practice their guitar play without the neighbors complaining.

10. Plan for Long Term

Creating rooms that are only suitable for one purpose is a bad idea. Make sure you don’t make adjustments that cannot be reversed. A nursery can be turned into a child’s bedroom later, and an office can be transformed into a spare room. Make changes flexible and reversible, so you can adapt to future changes when your family grows further.

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