3 Things Learning Your Personality Type Could Tell You

Psychology is a diverse field that has provided society with many breakthroughs in mental health and behavioral studies. One of the more interesting topics in the field is the study of various personality types and similarities between the tendencies of individuals on a mass scale. There have been numerous charts and systems devised to categorize human personalities based on common themes. Overall, none of them are definitive or universal and there's still much left up to debate. However, given the amount of research that has been done on personality types, it's worthwhile to examine your own personality to see if you can learn something new about yourself. With that said, here are 3 things you might discover after determining your personality type:

1. Vulnerability to Stress and Risk of Heart Disease

It's no secret that psychological health intersects with physical well-being, with hectic lifestyles and mental habits leading to a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, depression, anxiety, and other stress-related illnesses. In the 1950s a group of cardiologists theorized that there are two opposing personality types: Type A and Type B. Someone with an A Type personality is frequently racing against the clock and striving to achieve more, while someone with a Type B personality is more indulgent and relaxed. As you might've guessed, people with Type A personalities have higher stress levels and a greater risk of heart disease.

2. Likelihood of Excelling in Business

Although Type A personalities are more prone to health issues later in life, there's a trade-off in that they're also more likely to be overachievers, particularly in relation to finances. Type B personalities can also be successful, but they tend to be more lackadaisical when it comes to accepting failure and/or mediocrity. Thus, while Type A personalities are more likely to succeed in business, Type B personalities are less likely to develop unhealthy obsessions with success.

3. Ability to Enjoy and Appreciate Success


Type B personalities aren't necessarily doomed in the finances department, as they do tend to enjoy achievements and progress more than their Type A counterparts. However, the feeling that “nothing is ever good enough” compels Type A personalities to remain ambitious, despite the tendency to gain less enjoyment from their accomplishments. The contrast between the two personality types reflects the philosophical battle between contentment and ambition. Is it better to achieve less and enjoy more, or achieve more and enjoy less? While the answer to that question is largely up to personal preference, science has proven that enjoying more is usually the healthier route.

What About Multiple and Changing Personalities?

Of course, it's impossible to divide humans into only two categories with complete accuracy, but even with variation it's still possible to determine whether someone leans more towards the Type A or Type B personalities described above. Furthermore, many times people will change their personality traits based on their current situation, and some people will fluctuate between Type A and Type B at different times in their lives.

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