5 Reasons You Should Become a Nurse in 2018

Have you been considering starting a nursing career but are unsure about the decision? Nursing is one of the oldest, yet most rewarding careers in the world. Nurses will always be required as long as there are illnesses in the world. You have an opportunity to help people and make a difference every day when working as a nurse. Nurses have many job titles, depending on their specialization, but the field remains one of the smartest career choices. Here are more reasons why you should become a nurse.

1. Increasing Job Opportunities

Most healthcare institutions in the country report a shortage of nurses. These institutions receive too many patients for the employed nurses to handle. The shortage is expected to continue in the next few years. Hence, the nursing profession will continue to grow until the demand for nurses is met. This means that you will have multiple opportunities to get a good job if you attain the best qualifications in nursing.

2. Job Security

One of the greatest fears among professionals is losing their jobs unexpectedly. Whenever the country experiences an economic downturn, organizations respond by laying off some employees. As mentioned in the previous section, the healthcare industry has a shortage of nurses. It is highly unlikely that hospitals will lay off nurses because of an economic downturn. Provision of healthcare services continues, even in times of economic uncertainties. Hence, you will enjoy job security as long as you are a certified and qualified nurse.

3. Competitive Salary Packages

According to Salary Site, nurses are among the best-paid professionals in the world. The compensation packages for entry-level nursing jobs are competitive. You qualify for a higher salary as you improve your level of education and gain experience. In addition, nurses have flexible working hours. You can use your free time to earn additional income or attain a higher level of education.

4. Multiple Career Choices

Most people think of bedside care whenever nursing is mentioned. However, the reality is that nurses have multiple career options to pursue. You can explore different career choices until you find one path that fulfills you. You can work as an administrator, researcher, professor, entrepreneur, or policymaker depending on your training and experience. In addition, you can work as a writer or blogger on nursing topics if you are interested in sharing your knowledge.

5. The Aging Baby Boomers

Healthcare institutions cannot meet the demand for healthcare services from the aging baby boomers. Some of them prefer home-based nursing services to avoid the congestion in hospitals. As the number of baby boomers above 65 years increases, you have many opportunities to offer home-based care. The trend also implies that the demand for nurses in the healthcare industry will continue to increase.


Nursing is a rewarding, vibrant, and well-respected career. Reports on the state of healthcare industry show an increase in the demand for qualified nurses. It is not too late to pursue your dream career. Register for a nursing degree or diploma in a certified institution and start your journey towards a fulfilling career. You will have multiple career choices and employers to choose from after your graduation.

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