5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Brand New Again

When you’re in love with your home, you tend to see it through rose-tinted glasses. Because that’s what love and affection does to us; it means we see things how we want to see them, and not necessarily as they are. So when the day comes that you look at your home and it starts to look a little shabby around the edges, it can feel a little disheartening. From the lack of gardening, to excessive cleaning, and decor that's at least ten years old, it’s safe to say that some parts of your home have run their course. So you may be in need of making your home feel brand new again. And when that’s the case, here are five ways that you can jazz things up.

Re-do The Paintwork

One of the quickest ways to really transform how your house looks and feels, is to paint. Because paint can look really shabby, really quickly. And if you have old wallpaper around the home that’s peeling and faded, that’s not going to help either. It can take a week, or maybe even a few, but by going around each room and repainting or stripping the wallpaper and putting paint in its place, you will soon realize that your home feels so much more cleaner and brighter.

Replace The Windows

From here, your next job is going to be to tackle the windows. This can get pricey, especially if your home is quite large with a lot of rooms. But windows and doors will always give away the age of your home. When you have a new set put in, your home will easily feel like it’s had a bit of a facelift.

Look After The Lawn

While we’re kind of sorting out the outside, you’re going to want to turn your attention to the yard. While you may not want to do an entire re-landscape, you should definitely think about working with someone such as Atkins on some grounds maintenance. If your lawn is looking a little shabby, and the hedges are overgrown, your home will not look its best. A bit of maintenance can give it a revitalized look.

Rearrange The Furniture

Back to the interior and on to a point that is oh so simple, but probably one of the most effective points we have in the list. That point is just to rearrange your furniture. But you will find that by changing things up, your home feels completely different and that it looks like a brand new place.

Change The Accent Colors

You've repainted and moved bits around, and while you may not want to go out and buy brand new furniture, you could definitely consider changing up your color schemes. Because your accent pieces can be relatively inexpensive to replace, this can be a budget-friendly change. From cushion covers to candles, you can update the space with just a few simple changes, and it will easily feel like a brand new home.

Try a few of these things to help make your home feel brand new again!

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