Allow Me to Introduce the Period Dramas to Binge Watch this Winter

If you are looking for a new TV show to binge watch on your streaming service of choice this winter, fear not. I have everything you will need for your next TV binge - and it comes in the form of the period drama!

Right now, period dramas are going through a boom in their popularity. Everyone loves them and there has never been so many of these types of shows on our TV sets. Maybe it’s because people are falling in love with the beautiful costumes or they just enjoy looking back at how things used to be.


Too many period dramas to choose from? No problem; here are my pick of the best.

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey might have come to an end a couple of years ago but, thankfully, it is up on streaming platforms if you haven’t been swept up in the craze for this Edwardian show just yet. You can get all the Downton Abbey Info here at about when and where to find it. Why did everyone love this show so much? It was probably to do with the style and sophistication of the show, and viewers loved watching all of the dramas that the classy characters had to deal with in their aristocratic lives. The all-star cast possibly helped to increase viewing figures as well - after all, who can say no to Dame Maggie Smith and Hugh Bonneville?

The Crown

The Crown is another elegant period drama that you can find on Netflix. In fact, if you hurry up and watch its first series, you will be just in time for the beginning of its second! These first two series star Claire Foy, whose other TV shows listed at you should definitely check out, as the young Queen Elizabeth II. After the second series, the show is taking a leaf out of Dr. Who’s book and its characters are all regenerating and will be played by different actors and actresses. Olivia Wilde is all set to take over as the regal main role.


Do you think the above period dramas might be a bit too traditional and stuffy for you? Well, don’t worry, as the show Outlander has you covered. Set in the highlands of Scotland, this show is rough and ready, just like its Scottish characters from the 18th Century! As you go through the series, you will find that you jump back and forth between time periods, but this only adds to all of the excitement!

Love & Friendship

When it comes to period drama movies, Love & Friendship is one of the best ones to come along in a very long while. It’s based on Jane Austen’s novel Lady Susan, and is a very funny look at early 19th-century society and culture. This isn’t your usual prim and proper period drama, it will certainly get you giggling for all the right reasons!

So, it looks like it’s time to get the popcorn in. Time to do some binge watching!

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