Changing the Lives of People Through Leadership

If you know you have the nature of caring and understanding in you, wondering how you can make use of these skills of affection, is something most people contemplate. Understanding and dealing with people on a daily basis is something that doesn’t come quite so naturally to most individuals. Even in the world of healthcare, there are always going to be personalities that clash, and there will be a need to mediate between them. Although the people involved are all aiming for the same goal, the process it takes from discussion to the implementation can be a rocky road. This is where the skills of a manager come in, because not only are you controlling the day’s proceedings, but you’re finding new ways to connect colleagues together and move the ship forward in harmony and unison. It's a great career opportunity. Becoming more involved in this type of field can be done in multiple ways and dependent on your own temperament.

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Rising through the ranks

Nurses are the bread and butter of the healthcare industry, as without them, the highly trained doctors, surgeons and administration staff wouldn’t know which way is which. Although their role is to be the first point of contact for patients, nurses with good tact can easily find themselves playing a role with more power and responsibility. You can of course train to be a certified nurse, which is one of the basic ways of getting into the healthcare industry. Also, there are other types like surgical-trained nurses, or you can go from a registered nurse to a bachelor of science in nursing. The latter method is more linear and allows anyone from the wider ranks to take more of a leading role in managing the day to day needs of patients. If so, you’ll be reporting directly to the head nurse and the administration staff.

Becoming the admin

Unlike many other forms of healthcare professionals, becoming a valued member of the administration staff relies more upon tactile juggling of industry standards, logistical needs of the hospital, making sure staff from doctors to nurses are following correct procedures, and managing people. If you’re interested in this path look for an online MBA in healthcare management course. You’ll be taught sustainable, ethical codes of conduct, i.e., leadership skills, organization behavior and communication with different tiers of staff, how to run the financial aspects regarding accounting, information systems, applied research and analysis. You’ll be part of the team that actually runs the hospital, whether in a department, or the general governing and overseeing of the hospital itself. For those who are head strong, able to read people, be a diplomat, self-proficient, organized and have an eye for detail, this kind of management role is best suited for you.

Changing the lives of people in the healthcare industry can be done in many ways, with each person playing their valued role. Making sure the equipment is of the right sort, with the correct amount, orderly records and managing the effectiveness of staff in different positions is also a crucial part someone with leadership skills can play.

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  1. My sister inlaw is an EN and enrolled nurse she went into nursing a few years ago after being in sales for a long time, it takes a lot of study and work to be a nurse or a doctor but these people are so important


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