Christmas Catering: Things You Need for a Festive Party

Hosting a holiday party like Christmas is a big deal. You want to make sure that you get everything you need to make the day as stress-free as you can, but what do you really need to make your home welcoming and full of the holiday spirit? We compiled a few Christmas essentials below and how to use them to make your holiday shindig go off with a bang.

A centerpiece is a must

While you do not have to pick a central theme, a few choice decorations are a must. If you want to do a frozen party, for example, then you should look for a large decoration idea for the table or your tree. Using that theme or decoration throughout the room will tie in the space and connect your entire party.

Alcohol for everyone

Buzzfeed says that you need liquor for your celebration. You can go for the average choices of alcohol like Absolut Vodka, Wild Turkey, or even a case of Budweiser, but steer clear of single barrel malts unless you have a super picky guest that you have to impress. Simple is better during the holidays. A nice punch or eggnog with some rum will do just fine.  If your friends and family like wine, maybe each person could bring their favorite bottle to share.

What is a holiday party without some tunes? Keep arguments from brewing by sticking to the classic Christmas favorites like a CD with Bing Crosby or Dolly Parton belting out Away in a Manger or Silent Night. Choose a playlist from Spotify or Pandora, so that you can stay hands-free during your party and keep the tunage going. For a different flair, you can always play theme songs and soundtracks to your favorite Christmas show like A Christmas Carol.

Fun appetizers
Whether you have a few people over for Christmas, or a lot, you need something to feed them until the main attraction - the Christmas ham. Meat appetizers like little weenies wrapped in bacon are a delicious treat before the meal and will keep your guest's stomachs from growling. You can use colorful toothpicks, fruit and veggies cut into fun shapes, and Christmas platters to tie the food to your theme. Of course there is always the old standby of a meat and cheese board.

You can make your party fun and festive with a few creative ideas. By starting with a focal point, you have a central theme to use throughout the food, music, and drinks. You can adorn your home with garland, bright tablecloths, and even sparkly candles. A crystal punch bowl is often found at holiday parties, and it gives you somewhere to put your spiked punch. For more ideas or help with your holiday catering, call an expert like Flavours Catering to create a unique theme for your celebration.

Do you host a party during the holidays?  How do you like to decorate and what are your favorite appetizers to share?

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