Christmas Decorating Trends You Need to Know About

If you’re one of those people who use the holidays as an excuse to spruce up your home and make one or two decor changes, or if you’re someone who simply loves ‘dressing’ your home up for the festive season it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to do this year. Here are some of the most popular Christmas decorating trends set to be big in 2017…

Bright and Bizarre

Christmas has always been about injecting color and personality into the home, but this year, it isn’t reds and greens that are set to be on trend, nor is it traditional pine trees. Of course, all of those things will always be popular, but if you’re looking to do your holiday decor 2017 style, then you need to think about bright, bold colors, which the collections from Joybird highlight so perfectly. You also need to think about replacing your spruce with a decorated palm tree, or even a miniature bonsai, covering your glassware in glitter and going with non-traditional decorations like flamingos and pineapples!

You Can’t Have Too Many Lights

This Christmas is going to be a light and bright one. Why? Because this year, Christmas lights are even more on trend than usual. That means you’re going to need a lot of lights. The key is to, despite using a lot of them, to keep them tasteful. That means using mostly white lights, with the occasional red of Rudolph’s nose or orange glowing star thrown in to add a bit of interest.

It has to be Handcrafted

Forget plastic fantastic decorations, this season, Christmas decorations, in the main, should be more natural and handcrafted in style. Think woodcuts, bunting made from cloth and string and felt nativity scenes. This might seem to fly in the face of the whole bright and bizarre thing, but using a combination of both styles helps to create a balanced holiday home decor.

Metallic is Always Welcome

Metallic decorations and Christmas have always been happy bedfellows, and there’s no reason why that should change this year. In fact, if you decorate your tree in shades of rose gold, copper and bronze, and you set your table with similar metallic hues, you’ll be bang on trend.

Flowers are Fabulously Festive

This year is going to be a big year for flowers and not just those given as gifts. We all know that flowers are beautiful and that means that they should play a vital role in your Christmas decor.

This year, the Christmas bouquet is all about glitter. If you want your centerpiece to truly impress, buy the biggest, most beautiful bouquet of white roses and cover them in glitter, ensuring that they match your metallic theme - rose gold is a particularly good choice- for something that is undeniably beautiful.

Log Fires

Hygge is still hot, and that means having an open fireplace that you can hang your stocking above on Christmas Eve is a huge trend in 2017. So, if you have the time and inclination, why not have your own fireplace installed? It’s decadent for sure, but it’ll make all your winters a bit more bright!

Here’s to an amazing Holiday Home!

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