Four Hilarious Sitcom Christmas Episodes to Get You in the Holiday Spirit!

Watching Christmas TV is something many of us really enjoy about the festive season, and sometimes, re-watching some old, classic episodes of sitcoms we used to love can really encourage that warm, cozy, Christmassy feeling. Whether you have seen these holiday specials dozens of times, or had forgotten about them since they were first aired, these sitcom episodes are the ideal thing to relax and laugh with in the run-up to the big day!


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Seinfeld – The Strike

While 'The Strike' is the official title of this episode, most people remember it as the episode with 'Festivus': Festivus being a new take on Christmas, where instead of a Christmas tree, there is a 'Festivus pole', and one of the main traditions, taken in over dinner, is the 'airing of grievances'. 

While this episode may not have the feel-good factor of some of the more wholesome Christmas sitcom specials, it is genuinely hilarious. It has stood the test of time, remaining entertaining even when many aspects of the comedy in Seinfeld have now been so overused by other shows that it has lost a lot of the charm it had when it was new. With catchphrases like 'a Festivus for the rest of us' that you'll be sure to be repeating on Christmas Day, this is definitely one for your watch list.

Friends – The One with The Holiday Armadillo

Friends had several great holiday episodes, and watching them all back to back can be a fun way to spend a TV binge session in the Christmas run-up. However, one of the most memorable has to the this one, where Ross tries to teach his son about Hannukah while dressed as an armadillo because all of the Santa costumes were sold out. Standard Friends banter and hilarity, plus a heart-warming sense that everyone is having a good time make this perfect festive viewing.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia – A Very Sunny Christmas

If the cheery, happy world of Friends leaves you cold and you are in the mood for something a bit darker, then Sunny is the perfect antidote to Christmas schmaltz. In this holiday special of the unique sitcom, we see what childhood Christmases were like for the gang, including back stories involving Mac and his family stealing all their presents, and Charlie's mom working as a prostitute on Christmas Day. It is funnier than this synopsis suggests!

The Office UK Christmas Special

If you are a fan of the original UK version of The Office, with Ricky Gervais, then you will probably remember this as the episode that ended the series. It drew a conclusion to the ongoing stories like the romance between Tim and Dawn, and was also extremely funny. If you have only seen the US version, then it can be well worth a look, too!

These are four great episodes that are sure to delight you this Christmas, whatever your taste in comedy!

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