Four Ideas for Craft Businesses for People Who Don't Think They're Artistic!

A lot more people are starting their own home businesses these days, and for many people, a good way to do this is by designing, making, and selling handicrafts or other homemade products.

There is a surprisingly large market for these kinds of products, as people often want to move away from mass produced items and have something a little more unique, which has been made lovingly by a real person rather than a corporation. Equally, it has become easier for people to market things they have made, using sites like Etsy, or to find out about events where they can sell their products in person.

Of course, if you don't really have any skills when it comes to things like sewing, knitting, or woodwork, and don't see yourself as an artistic person, you may be thinking this isn't an option for you. However, there are some kinds of handicrafts that are easy to pick up and which you could still possibly do.

Here are four ideas:



Candles are something a lot of people like to buy, especially when they are scented or have unusual features like novelties inside the wax that you can retrieve when the candle has burned out. Making candles is relatively simple and the materials are not too expensive, plus you can experiment with fragrances and ways of presenting your candles to make products you are really happy with, and can produce in batches fairly easily.



Dreamcatchers are a traditional Native American craft that a lot of people now use as a pretty decoration in their home. While the legends around them involve them capturing bad dreams, and thus, protecting the owner from nightmares when they sleep under one, a lot of people just find them to be charming additions to their bedrooms. There are lots of different designs and some of them are very easy to make – you can check out for some simple tutorials and start making them straight away!

Basic Sewing


If you have a sewing machine, you don't need to be a skilled tailor to make things you can sell. Even simple to make things like drawstring tote bags, pot holders and dolls' clothes can sell well if you use nice fabric, and can be made even by beginners.



If you have nice hand writing, picking up a good calligraphy pen set and some nice paper and practicing your writing may well allow you to make some great products to sell. A lot of people like things like poems or quotes written beautifully on high quality paper to display in their homes, and you can also offer things like wedding stationery that has been hand written to order.

You don't necessarily need skills that take years to achieve to be able to make things you can start a business selling. With the right idea, just about anyone can produce things other people will want to buy!

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