Happy Days for Dogs Made Easy

Most pet owners would go the extra mile for their beloved pooch. So when your dog seems less than his cheery self, you might be wondering what it would take to cheer him up. The first thing to do is check that your dog is in good health. You can do this yourself in just a few minutes. Any changes to his disposition could be a sign of illness. Check that his gums are a good color and that his nose hasn’t warmed and dried. If he seems uncomfortable or is off his food, consult your veterinarian. Of course, if your pup just needs a little spoiling, try these easy ways to create a little canine happiness:

New Toy
Sometimes a fresh out-of-the-packet toy might be all you need. Choose one that can be chewed and tossed about. A new toy can encourage activity and exercise too. That might help to stimulate a lost appetite. It can also help reduce incidents of indigestion too. Best of all, chewing can help keep the teeth and gums healthy and strong.

New Garden

Most dogs love being out in the fresh air. They love the sensation of different textures under their paws. Even wet weather can be fun for a furry friend! If you’re worried about extra mud coming into the house, choose a pet zen garden turf that can be mud-free. Of course, a bit of mud is a lot of fun for your dog. They like to dig, so offer a patch of soil for their pleasure too. Finally, make sure there is a shady spot for when the sun is out. Even dogs can get sunburned.

New Canine Treats?
Many dogs need to be on strictly controlled diets. This can make it very difficult to offer them new treats. However, some treats are designed with the dietary needs of the dog in mind. There are plenty of chew treats to help remove plaque. And some treats are designed to satiate the appetite between meals, so your furry friend isn’t forever pestering you for food. Speak to your doggy clinic about options here.

You are your dog’s best friend. If you’re struggling to spend quality time playing, grooming and fussing over your furry friend, then why not hire a dog sitter? Contrary to popular belief, another dog to keep the first one company is not always the best answer. You’ll just have twice as many dogs to look after and find quality time for! Instead, arrange doggy play dates, but do your best to find time to get involved too. You can take a long walk together, play in the dog park, or simply curl up on the sofa for a cuddle.

Intelligence Tests
Dogs are often more intelligent than we give them credit for. They long to please us, so why not offer them a few challenges from time to time? There are plenty of doggy IQ tests you can try out online. These will provide activities your pooch will find fun to do. Give his brain a workout as well as his body. What makes your dog happy?

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  1. Don't own a dog any more used to had a number of dogs over the years but not anymore


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