How to Prepare for Your End of Tenancy

Are you planning on moving out of a rental property in the not-so-distant future? If so, there are certain things you must do in the run-up to moving home. Find out how to prepare for your end of tenancy.

Review the Break Clause

Do you plan to move out earlier than specified in your rental agreement? If so, you must review the break clause in your contract, which will state your options when ending a tenancy early. While some landlords might be more than happy to release you from a contract earlier than expected, others might charge a fee to cover the costs of lost rent. Another option might be for you to find a replacement tenant before you vacate an address.

Advanced Notice

It is important to provide a landlord with a letter of notice, so they will have time to remarket the property to new tenants before you move out. Again, review your rental agreement to identify the appropriate notice period you are required to give to a landlord before moving out. Also, the more notice you provide, the greater the likelihood a landlord will release you from a tenancy agreement.

Find a New Home

Once you have reviewed a property, your next step should be to find a new home. It is important to secure a new address before the end of a tenancy agreement, so you will have a place to live once a contract comes to an end. If you are struggling to find a new home, discuss the potential of extending your contract by a month or two with a landlord, who might be happy to help.

Clean the Property

Many tenants will have provided a landlord with a deposit prior to moving in. If you wish to be reimbursed the full amount at the end of a tenancy, you must ensure you leave the property in the same condition as the day you moved in. It might be beneficial to hire professional cleaning services to ensure the property looks as good as new, so a landlord will have no choice but to return your full deposit. Visit to arrange an end of tenancy cleaning service.

Remove All Your Furniture and Belongings

A landlord will want to quickly attract another tenant as soon as possible, which is why you must vacate the property on the agreed date. Not only are you responsible for adhering to the terms of your contract, but you must also ensure all personal furniture and belongings have been removed from the address, too. After all, a landlord will have many things they need to check before a new tenant moves in. You should, therefore, consider hiring a removal van to transport your items to your new address.

Return the Keys

Once you have found a place to stay, cleaned the property from top to bottom, and removed all your belongings, all that will be left to do is to return the keys to a landlord. Once they have inspected the property and are happy with the condition of the property, they will be required to return your deposit, which you can use to start a new life at your new address.

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