How to Take Care of Your Entire Family this Winter

When the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, health can become a serious issue. Coughs, colds, even the flu and more serious conditions can become much more prevalent. It’s important to have an understanding of some of the ways that you can help your entire family keep healthy over the winter, so you can enjoy the time you spend together, and everyone is safe and sound.

Eat Well

Our bodies are incredible machines – they take what we put into them in terms of food and drink, and turn that into energy, into healing ability, into hormones that do everything for us. The right foods make us happy and healthy. The wrong foods make us vulnerable to diseases and viruses because they make our immune systems work at a lower level. Eating well means getting enough of the right vitamins and minerals to keep our bodies fit and able to fight off the many diseases that come at us, especially during the winter months. Fruit and vegetables are the easiest way to get these nutrients, so ensuring that you have your five a day is very important. If it’s difficult to get those fruit and vegetables into your diet, you might want to consider making everyone a healthy breakfast smoothie, for example.

Keep Clean

The simple act of washing your hands can help to keep everyone in the household healthy – not just the person who washed their hands. Hands tend to be the first point of contact between you and a virus or disease. Giving a loved one a hug, shaking hands, holding hands… anything like this can pass viruses from one person to another. By making sure that everyone washes their hands regularly (but especially after using the bathroom, changing a diaper, and wiping your nose or a child’s nose), you can reduce the risk of nasty illnesses being shared around. If washing your hands makes your skin dry (which it can do during the winter months), then invest in some good hand cream too.

Sleep Well

Getting enough sleep – around eight hours a night for an adult – is another way to keep your immune system boosted to a level that means it can fend off the worst of the winter illnesses. Allowing your body to rest means that it can repair itself, so when you wake in the morning, you will feel refreshed and ready to go. It can be hard to persuade yourself – or others! – to get out of bed on a chilly, dark winter’s morning, but it is much easier if you have slept well the night before.

Check your Pets

If you have pets, you might find that they are also prone to illness over the winter months. They also have immune systems, and although they don’t work in quite the same way as ours, that doesn’t mean they can’t get ill. It’s important to take your pet to The Vet at least once a year for a check-up and more so if you think they are unwell – that way, not only can you keep your pet healthy, but you can keep everyone else in the household healthy too.


Another way to boost the immune system is to get enough exercise. This could be as simple as taking your dog for a walk, or climbing the stairs instead of getting into an elevator. Park a little farther away from the door of the supermarket, so you have to walk further. Take some time to clear the leaves from the garden. It doesn’t have to be an exercise class or an hour at the gym, and if everyone can join in then all the better!

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  1. Great advice here we are coming into Summer and today is another hot and sticky day, just had to turn the air con on


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