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How many of you drink loose tea? I have before, but I've only ever used a bottle with a strainer in the top before.  I don't have any previous experience with any other kind of loose leaf tea holders or steepers that you have to fill, etc.  This ceramic tea mug would make a great gift for any of the tea lovers on your list.

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I love that this little set comes with a strainer and a ceramic lid to keep the heat in while it steeps.  Believe me, it keeps the heat in!  I went back to check on my tea and to take the strainer out after 10 minutes and still managed to burn my tongue!  

The tea mug came packaged very well so that there weren't any mishaps during shipping.

This mug is extremely easy to use.  Simply place the strainer in the top of the mug with your favorite loose leaf tea.

Pour hot water over the strainer until the leaves are covered by the water to steep.

Cover with the ceramic steeping lid. (This lid is not meant to be used as a lid to drink from. It's only meant to keep heat in while steeping.)

Pull off the lid and strainer and discard tea leaves.
Rinse the strainer and let dry for next time.
Either drink as is or put on the silicone lid to take it on the go!

You can see all of the reviews of the product at the link below to find other advice on how to use it.  Some people suggested not filling up so high so that tea doesn't spill out when you put the silicone lid on.  One person said the lid doesn't fit well, while others said that the lid is great and doesn't leak at all.  The packaging DOES state that you should never grab the mug by the lid, so that you don't accidentally pull it off while picking up the mug.  I didn't have any problems with the silicone lid and feel like it fit very well on my mug.

I only had one type of tea to try with it, with fairly large leaves~~some said that the strainer does well even with smaller grinds~~so that's nice.  The company is very receptive to any and all reviews and takes into consideration the feedback that they are being given.

They recommend handwashing because of the hole on the bottom, but say that it can be put in the dishwasher if you don't mind water getting in there and coming out.  I hand wash mine.

Even though you pour hot water into it, it is still able to be held.  It felt warm to the touch, but it was never too hot for me to hold. It's ceramic~~obviously it's breakable if you drop it.  Don't drop it!

It comes in 5 cute prints and can be found at Amazon:
Steep & Strain Ceramic Tea Mug - Insulated Cup with Tea Infuser and 2 Lids - Travel Coffee Mug - Available in 5 Patterns

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