Pairing Up: Tips for Moving into a Partner's Home

If you’re currently in a relationship but now cohabiting, the question of moving in together has probably already arisen and been discussed by you both - do you think it’s time to make the plunge and move in with your partner?

If so, it makes sense to start looking for a new apartment or home that you can both move into together. This would be the ideal situation. But there might be some times when it makes sense for you to move into your partner’s current home. One of the main reasons for this is when they buy their home while you simply rent yours. As you are moving into their home, you will need to put in some effort to feel completely settled and make sure that this becomes a space that really feels like home for you. Read on for some useful tips on how to do that!

Raise Any Potential Issues Before You Make The Move

If you are concerned about one particular aspect of your partner’s home or behavior that might make living with them difficult, it’s important you raise this with them before you move in. That way, you can try and both work on the issues and iron them out so that they don’t become too big a deal. For instance, if you know that your partner is quite untidy and doesn’t keep their home to the same standard of cleanliness that you do, you might want to discuss cleaning and tidying with them. You might want to suggest setting up a cleaning rotation as a way of improving things.

Agree About Expenses

Once you live together, you will need to equally share all the expenses that come from grocery shopping, utility bills, and rent. If your partner has bought their home and has a mortgage, then you will need to consider whether you will contribute to the mortgage payments. If you decide that you will, your partner should see about getting the mortgage made in both names so that you then have a share in the property. When it comes to the actual cost of moving, though, you should pay for them yourself. Our moving services that most movers offer are actually quite reasonably priced and shouldn’t set you back too much even if you have to pay for them yourself. Just remember that you need to budget for them as part of your moving costs.

Bring Some Of Your Style To The Place

As your partner will have been living in his home for a while already, it will probably be decorated in his own style. However, now that it’s your home as well, it’s important that you try and bring some of your own inspiration and design ideas to its interior design and decor. One easy way to do this is to bring some of your furniture with you. You might also like the idea of redecorating together so that you can combine both of your styles together.

Have a Trial Run

Are you completely sure that you are now ready to move in with your partner? If you still have some reservations, you might want to try a trial run. For example, you could stay with them for a couple of weeks to see how it goes. You might find that you end up getting in each other’s way or annoying each other. If this is the case, it’s a good idea to call off the move for a while. It might still be too early in your relationship for this milestone. But this trial run could be very useful if you do decide to go ahead and move in. That’s because it gives you some time to get used to each other and your different quirks and habits in the home.

Try to Stay Independent

Just because you now live together, it doesn’t mean that you have to be together twenty-four hours every single day! It’s really important that you each have some independence and have separate social lives away from one another. Otherwise, you will end up getting on top of one another. You might easily annoy each other and end up getting sick of one another. So, make sure that you are both going out with your friends one or two nights a week. This then gives you and your partner at least one night a week when you can have the apartment to yourselves so that you can enjoy some peace and quiet. As well as socializing with your own friends, it’s a good idea to join a club, gym, or organization so that you can have a hobby that doesn’t involve your partner and gives you some independence.

Get Ready to Negotiate

No matter how strong your relationship is and how much you love each other, there are still going to be some times when you need to negotiate with one another and risk getting into an argument. Don’t worry; this is perfectly normal and a healthy part of relationships. As long as you aren’t selfish and listen to your partner, you should be able to work your way through these negotiations without too much fighting and bickering.

Give Yourselves Time To Adjust

Things might seem very strange when you first move in together. You might feel quite odd living in your partner’s home, and it may take some time for you to feel truly settled. Your partner might also find it odd having someone else in their home all the time. But don’t worry, living together won’t feel weird all the time. You just need to give yourselves time to adjust to this new situation. Once you have both learned to compromise with one another and gotten used to each other’s habits, you will find that you get into the swing of things and that living together can actually strengthen your relationship!  

Moving into your partner’s home might be very strange at first. Just remember that it takes time. Once you’ve adjusted, you’ll be pleased you dived into this!

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  1. Moving in with someone is a big deal and something some people do far to early in a relationship, living together before they really know each other


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