Preparing for Your Child to Go to College In a Different State

You’ve raised your child from infancy and now it’s time to watch him or her officially start life as an adult. Letting go is hard, but it’s the right thing to do if you want your child to flourish. Not all young adults are going to attend college near their parents. If your child is interested in colleges in Arizona and you live in Colorado, then you’re going to need to start looking at the price of airline tickets. Life is going to be different and the adjustment period might be trying for your entire family. What’s most important is that your college-age child gets a consummate education, goes to a school that he or she feels is best suited and that you push your child to become independent. Here are some methods that will help your child’s transition to college be more pleasant.

Get Inside Information On the College Your Child Will be Attending

The main reason that you probably feel nervous about sending your child off to college is that you don’t know exactly what they’ll be exposed to. Your child’s daily routine at college may be similar to what they did at home, but if you’re not there to see it, how will you know? In addition to going on a college tour, find out about the history of the school, the background of your child’s professors, the name and accomplishments of the dean, and even find out what the school mascot is. Soon, your feelings will become more supportive and you’ll be showing a lot of college pride.

Plan to Travel Every School Break

If your kid is going to college out of state, you won’t be able to drive out to see him or her every weekend. On the other hand, absence makes the heart grow fonder so expect to do a lot of catching up during every college break. There’s winter break, Thanksgiving break, spring break and of course, the summer for you to look forward to. Know if you’re going to be flying out to spend a few days with your child during college breaks, or if you’ll be driving to the airport to pick up your child so that the whole family gets to catch up.

Remember That College Doesn’t Last Forever

Kids only go away to college for four or maybe six years at maximum, so you have a graduation to anticipate. After college, your child might end up moving back home or at least relocating closer to your family. Whatever the case, you’ll have more time and opportunity to spend quality time with your child. In the meantime, get those care packages ready, carve out time so that you can talk to your child on the phone, and be sure to give words of encouragement.

Whether your oldest and only child is going off to school in a different state, or you’re preparing to send more than one child off to college, your reaction can actually help or hinder the way that they adjust. If you are pleasant, confident, and don’t make a big deal of things, your kid will not feel any guilt about going to school far away. Let your child make decisions for his or her life and not to appease you.

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  1. We live in CO and my son began college in MN. We definitely factored flights and travel related expenses! Thanks for sharing! laura

    1. Yes! How is it going? All of you are surviving the separation?


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