The Secret to Better Productivity is Comfort

Everyone wants to be more productive. Whether you want to further your career, or you want more time to do the hobbies that you love, time management is key to fulfilling all your dreams. If you aren’t at your best, then you can’t do everything that you want to do. Self-care is a crucial component to reaching goals and making time for everything that you love. You can achieve this level of self-care by:
1.    Keeping on Top of Your Health

You would be amazed by what a proper diet can do for you. The natural energy that your body derives from food is what will keep you going, without the caffeine crash or the associated shakes. Don’t rely on substances that can cause anxiety, and instead work towards having a healthy, balanced diet. If you find it’s difficult to get all the vitamins you need from your food, supplement your diet with a multi-vitamin as well.

2.    Drink Water
Water does so many things for you, but the one aspect of it that will help your productivity is that it gives you more energy and can even stop headaches from manifesting. Be more naturally alert and productive simply by being properly hydrated – and not with a drink that causes dehydration like coffee, or a massive sugar intake like sodas.

3.    Ensure Your Environment is Optimal
You cannot think when your brain is overheating. It doesn't matter whether it’s overheating because of a fever, or because the temperature outside is too hot. To ensure that you can be productive and active throughout the year, you need to install Comfort Conditioning. Don’t try to force your brain to work when it feels like it’s frying – instead, use modern technology to cool you down so you can get what needs to be done finished.

4.    Mix It Up
It’s hard to keep your brain on the same task for hours on end, which is why you need to work in cycles. This way you can take a break, even if you haven’t stopped working. Switch from different tasks every hour, and you’ll find that your brain works better than if you were to try to power through one task for hours on end.

5.    Take Breaks
Another way you can increase your productivity through comfort is to simply take breaks. Breaks allow your brain to shut off from the task you were doing. This time also allows you to move your body, stretch, and even refuel. You need to feel like you can take these breaks, and you should even make these breaks part of your routine.

If you want to be productive, you need to be at your best. No one has ever created their best work when they were down with a cold, and similarly when their body didn’t have the nutrients that it needs. Instead, you need to ensure that your health, environment, and pacing are optimal to keep your brain working full speed. 

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