Tips for a Low Cost Home Makeover

While we might all dream of a low-cost home makeover, this isn’t always an achievable reality. Mounting bills, the costs of running your home, and paying off debts, can all mean that a beautiful home takes a back seat. However, giving your home a new lease on life need not cost the earth. All it takes are a few simple design tricks and tips to ensure that your living space looks like something out of a magazine. So if you dream of giving your home a much-needed makeover, and aren’t sure where to start, then read on to get some design inspiration.

Get organized

A simple trick for making your home feel a lot more open and ordered, is by getting organized. Start by decluttering and getting rid of any books and items that you no longer use or need. You could give your bookcase a reorder, to make it look like the center spread of a lifestyle publication. If you want to embrace a modern, low-key look, then you need to make your home reflect this. So show no mercy, and begin giving away any unnecessary items.

Replace your flooring

Old scuffed flooring or out-dated carpets can make a huge difference to your living area – and not in a positive way. You might have recently redecorated or replaced your curtains, but if your carpet is dirty and worn, then this will spoil your overall look. When it comes to looking for cheap carpets, make sure that you do your research and shop around. Look for colors and styles that are designed to last, while also being timelessly classic and stylish. This will make a vast difference to your living space.

Rearrange your living space

Bored of having the same old couch and armchair in the usual spot? Then why not shake things up and give your home a reorder? You can get the entire family involved for an afternoon of trying new alternatives, not to mention, you can move furniture between rooms to see which option fits best. This option is great as it is entirely free, plus it guarantees hours of fun for you and your family as you decide which way you would like your home to look.

Add a few key touches

Adding a few key touches can make a vast difference to a dark and dingy space. You can start by adding some fresh flowers or tiny succulent plants to bring the outside in, and inject a natural look and feel into your living space. Next, try adding a few books or magazines to your coffee table that reflect your interests. This is a great way to start conversations and engage with any guests or visitors. Finally, make sure that your home is filled with fond family memories that your entire clan can enjoy. From having old black and white photos on show, or even your kids baby imagery, this makes your space feel much more personable and warm.

It’s easy to give your home a quick and much-needed makeover. By using some simple organization and a few tricks, your tired house will soon feel like a palace.

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