Toilet Training Tips for Puppies

Toilet training a new pup can seem like a daunting task at times and it can be easy to get discouraged in the early stages. However, by using the proper techniques, any dog should be able to be toilet trained in a reasonable time frame. Here are a few tips to get your puppy toilet trained in no time.


Establish a Routine and Commands

You should have a routine in place every morning, late at night, or after meal, so that your dog can form a habit. Take him outside to a designated area and give him a clear command to let him know that he can relieve himself. The command can be anything you wish, but make sure that it’s the same everyday so that you don’t confuse the dog. Every time the dog goes, reward them, but if they fail, simply ignore them.

If the dog happens to go inside and you notice a puddle after the act, do not reprimand the dog. Only do so if you catch them in the act. If you reprimand them after, they might get confused. And in any case, you should never, ever, punish them by “rubbing their nose” in it.

If they do happen to go inside, try to keep your calm and don’t get too angry. Make sure however that you thoroughly clean the area so that you can remove any scent left. If you do leave some smell, the dog might adopt this spot as his regular spot and will repeat his behavior. So, make sure that the spot is thoroughly cleaned with disinfectants to decrease the chance of the same accident happening again.

Paper Training

Smaller breeds and young pups can be paper trained using newspaper or cadet hands off training pads. Every time your dog uses the pads or paper, make sure to reward them and ignore them if they don’t. However, be careful with the type of reward. If you reward them with food constantly they might end up getting overfed. As time goes by, you can move the pads or paper closer and closer to the door. After that, you can bring the papers outside to a specific spot. The papers should be slightly soiled so that the dog can recognize his odor.

Training Adult Dogs

When training adult dogs, you should try to confine them to a specific area first. Then, just like puppy dogs, you can take them out on a regular routine to a designated spot outside. Give them lots of praise whenever they go to reinforce good behavior. If they happen to go inside, make sure that you make the area off limits to prevent any chances of them going back there.

Toilet training is all about creating a routine and positive reinforcement. If you establish a routine, your dog will quickly know when and where to go. If you fail at first, don’t get discouraged, your dog will eventually learn to be clean and autonomous.

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