Top Candy Kids with Braces Can Eat

When you were a kid, one of the best things about your day is when you got to eat a little snack.  Candy, brownies, ice cream, or any other dessert are nice treats just about anyone can enjoy.  Fast forward to the day you get your braces on your teeth and all of the things that you love to eat before are suddenly put on the “do not eat” list.  Kids love candy and there is even a holiday dedicated to adults giving candy to children that dress up, but when you have braces, there are precautions you must take to avoid slowing the adjustment process and causing additional pain.  Here we talk about the top candy you can eat, even with braces on your teeth.


Avoiding Foods That Might Break Your Braces

Part of the reason that you are told to avoid certain foods when you have braces is the fact that chewing on them might dislodge the equipment that is attached to your teeth.  In some cases, you have spacers for braces and those can cause additional pain as the braces prepare to move your teeth into a better position in your mouth.  Having said that, breaking any part of the braces from eating foods like carrots, nuts, or even hard candy will prolong the amount of time you are wearing them.  Plus, you could experience more pain than normal.

Candy You Can Still Enjoy

Getting and eating candy is fun as a child.  Having a sweet tooth is not always the best thing, but it's okay to have an occasional treat.  Some of the softer, easier to chew candies that you can actually eat with your braces on include any kind of soft and smaller sized chocolate bar, such as a Kit Kat Bar, Three Musketeers, peanut butter cups, soft mint chocolate candies like Peppermint patties, or Hershey Kisses. 

If you  can find options that are made with stevia, they would be better than having natural sugars.  Just remember, absolutely no sticky candies.  So jelly beans, gummy bears, skittles, caramels, tootsie rolls and starburst are OFF Limits!  No matter which type of candy you decide on, make sure to rinse your mouth out with clean water after eating.

The Numbers Do Not Lie

According to the National Confectioner’s Association, children love candy and a recent survey noted that more than 68% of them prefer chocolate treats, 9% prefer a sucker, 7% would rather have a gummy treat of some kind, and another 7% preferred to chew gum instead.  There is no surprise that kids love candy, but when you are dealing with braces on your teeth, eating habits must change.  Even if you were to go out on Halloween night and bring home a huge bucket of candy that you cannot eat at this point, take a minute and remember that you can share with your family and friends.

Having braces on your teeth is a tough experience that does get painful at times.  Chewing hard foods and candies can certainly mess the process up for you or cause pain, but there are things that you can do to prevent that from happening.  Once the braces are off, you will be able to eat and enjoy whatever foods you want again, not to mention you will have a great smile to show off to everyone around you!

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