Transitioning Home Decor from Season to Season

If you’re like me, then you might get bored with your home décor by the time a new season begins.  There are economical ways to freshen your home and keep things interesting for yourself each season. As much as I like the idea of being a minimalist, I still get bored on occasion, so I enjoy having different linens, curtains, and home décor accents in my stash.  Curtains, when folded, will fit nicely into a linen closet and won’t take up much room.  If you have two to four sets of curtains that you love, they can be stored and switched out whenever you’d like something “new”.  

Here are some tips for creating a home décor theme that will lend itself to being switched up each season, and ideas for color themes.

Tips for Creating a Home Decor Theme that Lends Itself to Change

  •    Start with a Neutral Palette

It will be easier to switch up your décor if you begin with a neutral palette.  Walls, basic flooring, and major pieces of furniture should begin with a neutral color scheme.  Think light or dark grays, creams, beiges or browns, or even black, depending on your space.

  • Use Switchable Items that Don’t Take Up Much Space

As was mentioned before, curtains and drapes can be folded neatly to fit into a linen closet.  You might store a pair of striped curtain panels for Winter, and a pair of sheer white curtains for Summer.  Another way to switch out your home décor when the season changes is to switch out your throw pillows.  You don’t have to try to figure out how to store a bunch of different throw pillows, though.  Pillow covers can be bought in a lot of different sizes.  Figure out which size of throw pillow you like, buy pillow forms in that size and then buy pillow covers to fit that size.  The pillow covers can be switched out whenever you’d like a change, and can be stored neatly when not in use.

  •    Don’t be Afraid of Paint

If you’d like a change to be a bit more permanent, but you can’t afford to completely switch everything out, paint it!  Paint is an easy and fairly inexpensive way to update tables, picture frames, wooden chairs, trunks, baskets and even smaller home décor items. There are so many different types of paint now that adhere to anything without needing primer, that it makes it easy to switch up your look.

Ideas for Color Themes for each Season


Try Spring-y colors for Spring.  Think pale pastels or bright, crisp colors.  Use the colors below as inspiration.



In the Summer, think light and flowy with the fabrics and bright primary colors for accents.  

Alternatively, you could use the colors of the seashore, with pillows and curtains in lightweight cotton and linen. 


In the Fall, use the colors of Fall leaves.  Use oranges, browns, golds and olive greens.  Fabrics can be warmer and cozier with wools and chunkier knits.


In the Winter you can go even cozier, with more layering, lots of throws, and pillow covers made of sweater material.  Use heavier, insulated curtains to help keep the cold out. Think "holidays" for your color scheme and accessories, or icy Winter colors like pale blues.


With these tips, changing out your decor each season should be a snap.  Do you like to change out your curtains, throw pillows, and decor with the seasons?  

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