Turn Around Moving Blues in Ten Easy Steps

Moving isn’t always the change that we want for ourselves. Sometimes we need to move for work, or because we no longer have the right to stay in a country, or because we need to find a place that will hold our family. The moving blues, of course, are hard to beat. You’re moving away from your friends, perhaps your family, and from the life that you have built for yourself. You won’t be in a neighborhood that you recognize, you’ll have to find a whole new set of favorite haunts, and you’ll need to get settled in. Just because it is difficult to beat the moving blues, however, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Time heals all wounds, and following these easy steps will help you turn your moving blues into excitement:

1.    Decoration Planning
One of the easiest ways to become excited for your new move is to love your new place. You can do this before you ever pack up, so long as you have the floorplan and measurements. Use this floorplan as a guide and scout out new furnishings, new items, and more. You don’t have to buy them right away, of course, but you can easily use measurements to determine how items will fit in your space before you ever move. The more you plan and imagine, the more excited you will be for the move when it finally happens.

2.    Renovate!
If you own the property that you will be moving in to, you can renovate before you ever move in. Before you move in is the perfect time to change key areas of your new place like the walls and flooring. You can also update all the fixtures around the home so that when you move in it’s to a place that already has the feel of “home”.

3.    Smart Packing
Packing offers a great opportunity to not only save you stress later, but to also do a spring clean. When you are packing up, organize the boxes by matter of importance. That way, you can easily unpack one box and have everything that you need to make yourself a few simple meals, instead of making a mess by unpacking everything at once. You should also label each box with the contents that are inside, making it an easier and simpler process when unpacking. As a bonus, you’ll also be able to tell how heavy a box is by its contents, meaning you won’t accidently strain yourself.

4.    Make the Move Stress-Free
Once you have everything packed up, you want to use a Moving Company that takes pride in their service and offers you the best deal. You don’t want a stressful or terrible moving experience, because this move is your first experience in your new home. Don’t let your new life start off with a sour note. Choose a company that insures both their workers and your property, so you can rest assured that everything will be handled appropriately if anything bad were to happen.

5.    Decorate
Once you have all your belongings inside, it’s time to decorate! The more effort you put into decorating each space, the better. If you took the time to plan how your new home is going to look like, this step will be a breeze. Save some space to allow you to slowly add the finishing touches, though! The decorating process is not just making each room look nice, it’s showcasing your tastes and history.

6.    Explore
Once you have your home base set up, it’s time to venture outside. Walking is the best way to do this, because it gives you the most sensory information to hold on to. Walk the streets around your neighborhood so you know where you are and how to get back. Find the nearest caf├ęs and stores and restaurants that you can frequent. If you really want to get settled in quickly, go in to every place of business near your home, so that you know exactly what is on sale and what food there is on offer.

7.    Make Connections
One of the biggest reasons moving is so hard on many people is that they lose the friends that they worked so hard to make. We need friends and social ties in our lives, but as adults these friends are more difficult to make. Thankfully, you automatically have connections with the people that you work with, and, of course, your neighbors. Even if you don’t feel a strong connection with these people, you should keep an open mind. Meet their friends, let them show you around town if they are willing, and more.

8.    Join the Community
Another way to make friends and feel closer to the community you are now a part of is to join it. There are classes, groups, societies, and organizations in every community that cater to everyone’s interests. If you love art, for instance, join an art class. If you love helping your community at large, see if there is a neighborhood watch or committee.

9.    Stay in Touch
Just because you make new friends doesn’t mean that you lose your old ones. With the power of the Internet and social media it is easy to keep in touch with your closest friends, and no, you don’t need to spam your feed with images of what you’re doing to keep them in the loop. There are private chats, group chats, combined albums, and more that make sharing and keeping your friends updated easier than ever.

10. Make Traditions
Once you’ve settled in a little, it’s time to make new traditions. Traditions are what make our lives meaningful. Start hosting an annual Christmas party so that you can bring all your friends, new and old, together for the season!

Moving might be a big change, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad one. Moving is the chance to completely reinvent yourself, and make a new home with a whole world of possibility. 

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