Why Winter is the Best Time for Home Renovations

Winter might be a time of relaxation thanks to the Christmas holidays, but it’s also a time when you can get the best value deals on home renovations. Winter is perhaps the ideal time to do a home renovation, and here are just a few reasons why it’s such a great period.

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There’s less business around so contractors are easier to schedule

During the winter, contractors are less likely to receive orders and jobs because most people are sitting at home content with their homes from the spring, summer and autumn renovation period. Those are the most popular (and thus, most expensive) times for a renovation, so winter is usually left alone. You can take advantage of this because contractors are far less likely to be swamped with work. In fact, some contractors even take the winter off and let a few of their staff on extended holidays because of this fact. If you want to have a convenient renovation, then make sure you contact your local services during the winter. Whether you call on GoHardwood to help you finally install the hardwood flooring you’ve always wanted, or if you decide to contact a roofing contractor so you can finally get rid of all the drafts and leaks in your roof, winter is the most convenient time to schedule your renovations.

Spring and summer are the most expensive times for a renovation

Since spring and summer are so packed, it’s natural that you’ll end up having to pay more money. Appliances are more expensive because there’s new stock, the job itself is going to cost more because there’s more demand and you’ll occasionally have to take time off work just to be able to schedule a renovation, and that could lose you a decent chunk of money from your budget. As mentioned in the previous section, spring and summer have much less activity and this means that you’re more likely to get a better deal for your renovation. This means that winter is the perfect time to speak to your contractor about those renovations you’ve always thought about, but were too scared to hear the price of. For example, you could get that new garden deck you’ve always wanted, you can finally paint your bedroom a wacky shade of color, or you could replace the poorly-insulated garage door that’s been bugging you for a year.

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It’s the perfect time to clean up your home and find flaws

One of the best times to clean your home is during the winter. We’ve all heard of spring cleans, but winter is arguably the best time to do a deep clean of your entire home. You have more days off due to the holidays, so this gives you plenty of time to get a head start with cleaning out your storage, throwing away junk you don’t need and decluttering your home. In addition, a clean and clear home is the best way to prevent your clutter from blocking the radiators. This means that heat can be evenly distributed around your home without being blocked by excess furniture and boxes. Winter also means that you’ll be packing away items like lawn furniture which won’t see much use when it’s freezing outside. Since you’re going to need space to store your garden furniture, it’s a great idea to get it done sooner than later. Also, clearing out your garage is going to be a huge boon for your car because you’ll have less trouble starting it up when it’s cold and you won’t wake up to a car smothered in ice. Once everything is cleaned, you'll be able to tell if there are any home renovations that you'd like to have done.

You’ll get plenty of free time thanks to the holidays

And lastly, winter is a fantastic time for renovations of both the hired and DIY variety because you have more time for it. You have more time to schedule, you have more time to invest in home renovations, and you even have time to oversee the project without worrying about it going terribly while you’re at work. Renovations take a lot of time, and time is often something that we can’t afford due to our busy lifestyles. If you’re certain about getting a renovation done for your home, then make sure you schedule it during the winter due to all of the advantages it gives. You’ll have more days to schedule a convenient time, it’s going to cost you far less than a renovation in any other season, it coincides with the winter cleanup period and the home improvements could go a long way to making your home more comfortable for the winter.

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