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While we were on our vacation out west this Summer, we did a Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona.  My hubby had never ridden a horse before and he wanted to ride a horse sometime.  I figured, "Why not do it while we're out west?" 

Pink Jeep tours had several different tours to choose from.  We wanted the bumpier ride on the Jeep, so we went with the Diamond Back gulch tour.  It was a lot of just hanging on to the sides and hold bars on the jeep.  When it's that bumpy you can't go very fast.  We had great views of Sedona, but I might try a different tour next time.  As on all of the tours we've been on in various places, the tour guide was great.  He had all kinds of information to impart on us and he was funny.  I know these guys practice their one-liners for days.

I have no idea what we were looking at!

On our particular tour, we did the Jeep tour first, then they took us to the ranch and we rode our horses.  I'm not sure what I expected out of the horse tour.  I've ridden a horse before, but it had been a really long time.  As with a lot of horse tours, the horses basically follow each other and know where they're going.  There was one horse that day that wasn't cooperating.  Thankfully nobody from our family was on him.  The poor kid who WAS on him had probably never ridden a horse before and I'm willing to bet it might be a long time before he rides a horse again.  He was completely safe, but that horse was just being stubborn! 

Just a note~~ my daughter also said she'd never ride a horse again, but it was because her horse took off once he saw he was almost home.  She held on like a trooper and now she has a story to tell, but the story almost always ends with us asking her if she'll ever ride a horse again and her telling us, "No." 

My hubby wished that he could have taken the horse for a run.  He had my daughter's hat on!  Haha!

The trails, though, were not conducive to running.  The trails were very rocky and were through desert like conditions. 

They told us when we got on to lean forward when we were going up and lean back when we were going down.  Did I get that right?  LOL I'm trying to remember which way would actually be natural.
There were some hills that we had to go up or down and there were some switch backs that the horses had to take.  It was scary sometimes, because even though the horses knew the trails, they would occasionally stumble over a rock.  They reassured us that the horses were usually pretty sure-footed, though.

We were told that if we wear contacts, we should wear our glasses because of the dust, so. . . .
Hehehe. .. . . this is also the only picture I have of ME on a horse. . . and you can't see . . . .the horse.

My daughter can still remember all of the horses names that we were on.  I think they were Marshmallow, Sunday, Tuesday and . . . . . . .yeah, can't remember the other name.
"WARNING: Under Arizona Law an Equine Activity Sponsor or Professional Shall Not be Liable for any Injury to, or the DEATH of a Participant in Equine Activities Resulting from the Inherent Risk of Equine Activities." 

We had fun and I'm sure all of us probably would do a horse tour again. 

I didn't get many pictures because my phone doesn't take awesome pictures and I was trying to hold on to the horse! 

When was the last time you were on a horse?

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