And Just Like That. . . The First Day of Christmas Break

Good grief!  Time is flying faster than I could ever imagine it would.  I can not for the life of me, believe that it's Christmas again. Already.  Wasn't it just Christmas. . . like. . .yesterday?  When my daughter and I were playing with her new soccer trainer and making Musical.lys???  As I said. . . . . .
Good Grief!

All of the Christmases and years are starting to blend together.  I can't remember whether last year was the year the kids got me the wine glasses, one of which didn't even make it past Christmas because I was hand-washing it and it slipped out of my hands, or whether it was the year before.  And which year did I color in the adult coloring books in my fuzzy purple pajamas all day?

I think the year before was the year my broken hand was still healing, but . . . who knows!

WAIT!  Leave it to Instagram to keep my straight on my Christmases past.  Wine glass was last year. Sadly, this was my favorite wine glass. For one day.  My daughter and I also got matching Tiaras for New Year's Eve as our Christmas present. . . . that's riiiiiiggght!

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As much as I started this Christmas season with a festive attitude, getting my tree up early, listening to Christmas music and watching Hallmark channel with all of their Christmas movies, it is now less than 6 days to Christmas and I'm not feeling it!  I don't know what happened!

I've already got all the food for Christmas Eve.  We usually do a prime rib because years ago, I asked if we could stop exchanging gifts and if we could just cook a nice dinner for the in-laws instead.  We've been doing that for so long now!  I've already got the prime rib, the cheesecake variety tray, the Texas toast, the pasta & pasta sauce, the shrimp ring.  I should be pretty set.

I have my stuff to pre-make the Christmas morning egg casserole, the cinnamon rolls.  .  .  .  . but I feel like everything is just surreal right now.  I feel like I'm on autopilot!

Anyone else feel that way?

Today I decided that I would hand-make some Christmas gifts for everyone in the house.  Of course I can't tell you what they are yet!!!  Who know who peeks at the blog.  😉  But, it was fun today sewing, painting, hot gluing, mod-podging, etc.  It's nice to have a day to just create.

Hopefully I'll be able to show you guys my projects after I give them to my people.

Today I was trying to finish the project for the person who will actually be here for the rest of the week.  My hubby will be at work and my daughter will be playing with friends, which leaves my son here.  I finished his first so that I wouldn't have to work on it while he's here.  And I can finish the other people's while they're gone.  Yay!  It was actually pretty fun.  I hope they like the things I've come up with.  And there's a frugal little story about one person's handmade gift.  Haha.  I'll let you guys know when I can talk about it AND if they turn out the way I hope they do!

I hope YOU guys are having a great holiday season!

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