Beginning the End of Year De-Cluttering!!

Every year I think that THIS is going to be the year that I finally get my S**t together.  I guess each year gets progressively better, but I'm not *perfect* yet.  That's funny, right?  Because truthfully none of us are or ever will be perfect!  Perfection is unattainable.  But, we can all keep striving and going in the right direction.

Each year at some point, usually January I do a really, super-duper de-clutter.  I actually de-clutter several times a year, but once a year I do a HUGE de-clutter.  I think January is actually a better time because of obvious reasons.  I mean, we're all really busy right now, right?  With all of the holiday preparations.  I, for some odd reason have chosen NOW to start my de-clutter though.  You know. . . . because I don't have enough to do in the next couple of days.  🎄🎅😇😈

This year, *technically, next year*, I will be trying to sell some of the stuff that we're getting rid of on ebay instead of donating it because we're trying to claw our way out of a little debt we managed to accrue this year.

Whenever I do these de-clutters, I'm always amazed and a little bit ashamed of myself and the things that I waste my money on.  Things that always seem like I need them at the point that I'm buying them.. . . . like eyeliners, lipliners and lipsticks in umpteen colors from Amazon.  Although tons of fun, I used most of them like one time.  And they're still sitting there.  One part of me is kind of happy they're going to be gone, because they were super cheap and made from China, which makes me question their safety anyway.

Since one of my words of the year for 2018 is "Simplify", I just need to get rid of them and move on.  It stinks.  I wish I wouldn't have bought them in the first place, but I can't go back and tell 2 year ago me that.  I can tell future me not to make such frivolous purchases. . . . BUT will future me listen???  I hope so.

We worked in my son's room, too.  We were able to box up 5 boxes for donations and got 2 bags of trash out of his room.  We still have a couple corners to finish, but you can walk through his room now!

And now, the hall closet is about 2 boxes worth "lighter."

Do you do an end of year de-clutter?

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