Don't Simplify These Health Issues

Are you worried about your health? Perhaps you should be because it’s fair to say that a lot of people tend to simplify health issues. What do we mean by this? Well, when you look after your health, you’re probably aiming for a certain goal that isn’t so much to do with health as it is to do with the aesthetic of what is deemed to be beautiful. If you do this, then you might look good, but you won’t necessarily be healthy. In other cases, we look after our health in one area and neglect it in another. Let’s look at some examples and make sure that we are examining our health and lifestyle with a little more depth.

White And Bright

You might think that if you have white, bright teeth then they are healthy and your oral health is in good condition, but that’s not necessarily true. It depends on whether you’re bleaching your teeth. A lot of people get teeth whitening treatment that can include bleaching. If you do this, then you won’t have healthy teeth at all, but you will be able to mask any issue. Whitening your teeth doesn’t get rid of the plaque nor does it improve the health of your gums. You can have beautifully bright teeth and still have bleeding gums. So, before you get your teeth whitened, make sure that you are also booking a checkup with the dentist. They can help you get your oral health in check and then you can worry about how your teeth look.

Remember, no matter how white your teeth are, they can still fall out and rot if they are not healthy.

Protection From The Sun’s Rays

There are actually two ways we oversimplify the issue this causes our health. The first is most certainly tanning. We all hate the tanning beds after various reports that they cause cancer. It shouldn’t be shocking that if you lie in a tub with fluorescent heat lights around you, it’s going to cause some damage. But we ignore the other warnings that lying outside underneath the sun could also cause you cancer. Moving around and getting a little love from the sun is one thing. But simply lying there with the sole purpose of burning your skin is always going to be dangerous. Don’t forget if your skin is turning brown then it is essentially burning.

We should also think about how we protect our eyes from UV light. Yes, you do need to wear sunglasses on bright sunny days, but artificial light can be just as dangerous. That’s why sites like Spektrum recommend that you use blue light glasses whenever you are around artificial light as well. Our glasses collection often include shades and prescriptions glasses but only special glasses will protect your eyes from blue light.

Cutting Unhealthy Food Out

Finally, people often cut food they deem to be unhealthy out of their diet when they try to get in shape or lose weight. However, you do need to be careful here, because by cutting whole food groups out of your diet, you can do more harm than good. Gluten is a key example of this. Research shows that unless you actually have a gluten allergy, cutting it out of your diet could be more harmful than beneficial.  You can learn more about this on Science Alert.

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