Identifying Pests at Home

Pests are defined as creatures which have a negative effect on humans. It could be that they are harmful to us and our family, or it might be that their presence is just generally annoying. A pest is a broad term for many different creatures, and it is important to know which pests are harmful and which ones aren’t before we get into why pests need to be controlled at home.

Harmless pests

There are lot of pests which live symbiotically with us in and around our homes, and although they might be fairly annoying and get in the way sometimes, they do us no harm: and in some cases they actually help us. First of all there are stink bugs. These are small bugs which you will find in and around the home and they are completely harmless. The next type of harmless pest might be one which you don’t want to hear: but most spiders are totally harmless to humans. Unless they are poisonous, spiders live happily within our walls and actually help tackle our pest issues by hunting smaller pests such as bugs and cockroaches. Although you might be scared of spiders and not want them in your home, they won’t do any damage to you, your family or your home. Earwigs are the last harmless pest we will talk about. Before you think it, they don’t actually climb into your ears and eat your brain. They are in fact gentle creatures who are excellent mothers to their young.

Harmful Pests

These are the pests which do damage to either your home or yourself, and these will be the ones you want to get a pest control company like Sniper Termite and Pest Control to tackle head on.

Rats and mice – rodents are not vicious animals and if anything they are scared of humans. The issue with these creatures is that they will often chew at parts of the house, they will steal food, and when they urinate on your surfaces they spread diseases.
Bedbugs – these little microscopic creatures can affect the way we sleep and can also give certain people allergic reactions. As the name suggests they live in your bed and will bite you during the night, disturbing your sleeping pattern. They are difficult to get rid of on your own which is why you need a professional to tackle them.
Mosquitoes and ticks – these are both little biters. They both latch onto your body and will suck your blood- and as they do this they can transmit bacteria into your body.
Termites – the culprit of many house issues: termites live in the wooden frame of your home and they will burrow and eat away at the wood until the wood can no longer support the weight of your home and the wood rots. They are incredibly difficult to get rid of and can cause a huge amount of damage to your home.
Cockroaches – cockroaches are many people’s worst nightmare, and this may be partly because they can survive nuclear explosions and it can seem impossible to get rid of them from your home. They spread disease as they steal both food and water from your home, and if the diseases spread to us they can be devastating to our health.

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