Keep Calm and Carry On Gardening

In the winter, our gardens can look particularly spectacular. From the morning dew adorning the delicate spider webs to the icicles that form on our wrought iron gates, and from the frost-laden lawn to the desolate looking leaf free shrubbery, our gardens emerge with a totally new landscape during the winter months. While it’s freezing outside and the rain becomes more frequent, we don’t tend to have the same inclination to venture outside and care for our gardens. However, there is a range of simple things you can do to ensure your garden doesn’t become unhealthy this winter. It’s vital that you keep calm and carry on gardening.
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Nearly every garden has at least a small patch of grass. You may even have a football-sized pitch expanse of the stuff. Our lawns are the very heart of our gardens, so it’s vital that we make sure they remain healthy during winter. When temperatures dip below six degrees celsius, grass stops growing so mowing the lawn during the winter isn’t essential. However, you may want to look into implementing a lawn fertilization plan to aid the greenness, strength and resilience of your grass during the winter season. Sorting this now means your lawn will begin the spring season revitalized and ready for those warmer months of less rainfall and natural watering.


If you follow a well-established routine of growing potatoes and other root vegetables over winter, then simply continue. However, our greenhouses can become havens for frost and ice. Insulate your greenhouse by placing pieces of plastic and bubble wrap into the window frames. Give your tomato house a good clean and a clear out, ready for next summers salad crops.


Some of your summer blooms may now be in the process of dying as the temperature dips. If you want to try and emulate the successful flowering of this summer season, take some cuttings from your favorite shrubs and keep them ready for planting next season. They may not seem to take immediately but give them time. After some gentle persuasion, watering and a bit of luck, your new plants will thrive.

Treat Your Wood

If you’ve enjoyed a spectacular summer with balmy temperatures and plenty of sunshine, you may find that your wooden fences, benches and sleepers have taken on a dry bleached look. It’s time to whip out some preservative and start treating your wood. Choose a dry day and protect your fencing, decking and other wooden areas with a wood stain or colored finish to help it survive the winter in tact. Moldy fence panels or dry, chipped decking can be hard to bring back to life, so it pays to protect them now.

Winter and gardening are two concepts that don’t seem to go together. While you may not be as vigorous in your hobby, you can still ensure that your garden remains healthy during the colder months and ready to begin the glorious spring season in earnest.

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