Layer Up for Cold Weather & Get Free Shipping at Target

I love, love, love wearing flannel shirts at this time of year, so I especially love this sale at Target!  I mean, any extra layer of warmth I can get is good.  It's 16℉ here today. Layer me up!  Here's a cute way to take advantage of the free shipping on clothes at Target and layer on the warmth!

***I am a Target affiliate, if you shop through these links, I will make a small commission.***

 Clothes ship free until December 23rd.   Even if you don't catch the sale on the flannel shirts, something is bound to be on sale! 

Layer your plaid shirt with a cable sweater

and a pair of jeans

and boots ~~

Throw on a scarf

And don't forget the coat!

oh!  and don't forget the hat!

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