Looking Your Best for Christmas. . . When You're Super Busy

It’s not long now until the big day - December 25 - will be upon us. In the coming weeks, we’re all - well, the parents - are going to be running around like mad, trying to make sure everything is just right for Christmas Day. Alas, with all this chaos, it’s easy to let one important thing slip by - how good we look! We don’t want to put all this effort in, only to hide when the camera is brought out. Luckily, you won’t have to. Below, we take a look at a few simple rules that’ll have you looking your best, no matter how chaotic the day is.

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Get Beauty Rest Beforehand

Yes, you’re going to have a lot of things to take care of in the coming weeks. And Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? Forget about it: they’re going to be jam-packed with chores, family get-togethers, and other essential duties. There will be a period before Christmas Day, however, when things are akin to ‘the calm before the storm.’ Instead of filling these days with outings, use them to get some much-needed rest. By the time the 25th rolls around, you’ll look fresh and ready for action.

Focus on Key Makeup Zones

When it comes to the day itself, you’re unlikely to have all the time you need to go through your usual beauty regime. Instead, focus on a few key areas, those parts of your face that’ll have the biggest impact. You’ll be amazed just what a bit of foundation and a spot of lipstick can do. And who knows, you might just discover that you don’t need to spend as much time on your face as you thought you did.

Go With the Classics

Like your makeup, there’s no point overthinking what you’re going to wear around Christmas. Stick to the classics, and those difficult decisions will have been made for you. During the day, go with denim jeans and a nice top: it’s simple, but smart, and may just cover up any spills that happen in the kitchen should they get on you. In the evening, look no further than that little black dress. There’s a reason one belongs in every woman’s wardrobe: it’s always a showstopper, no matter how many times it's been given an outing.

Topping Up During Breaks

Of course, you’re not going to be running around all day. If you’re cooking the dinner, there’ll be times when you’re waiting for food to be cooked, and so on. Use these moments to your advantage by freshening your face and reapplying any makeup that may have lost its punch.


Never underestimate the art of misdirection. If you’re beginning to feel a little bit less than your dazzling best, throw on your favorite pieces of jewelry: it’ll absorb all the right kinds of attention.

Of course, Christmas is about much more than looking like a million dollars, but why not have both? Take our tips above, and you’ll look the part even when you’re running around like crazy.

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