Losing Weight After 50: 3 Ways to Do It

In spite of the chronological age putting everyone in the same boat at fifty, or any other age group for that matter, the truth is that all of us don’t age in the same way or at the same time. There are multiple factors at play here, such as race, gender, physical condition, medical conditions, earlier and present lifestyle, and genetics. That being said, it would be false to state that getting older doesn’t affect each and every one of us in some detrimental way or other. While you may still feel young at fifty, your body will likely not be in the same condition as it was a decade or two ago. Does that mean you cannot lose weight after a certain age? You absolutely can, but you might need to take up a modified or new approach. On that note, here are three effective ways to get back into that weight loss routine after you have hit fifty.

Lift More

Cardio is effective at making people lose weight, but at fifty, you should shift your focus more towards weight training. Generally speaking, the amount of muscle mass we have at fifty years of age is equivalent to about 80% of the muscle mass we had or was capable of having at twenty. That’s a loss of 20%, which you need to make up for at the gym. As the muscle loss is also accompanied by fat gain, you want to make sure that you are lifting enough to keep your metabolism at its peak level. The best part is, under the right weight training program, you can bring back your potential muscle mass to nearly 100%, even at fifty.

Try a New Diet

Sometimes, your old diet just doesn’t work because of two primary reasons: slowed metabolism due to age and a body that’s more resilient to the effects of the old diet that you have been using for years now. Go through this HCG diet review to see if you can adopt it as your new diet. Since it does not involve any serious or harmful drugs and relies mostly on the effects of an accelerated metabolism and an ultra-low calorie diet, the HCG diet might be just the right thing to jolt your body into shedding some extra pounds.

Go for Physical Therapy

One of the prime reasons as to why people start to gain weight after fifty is the fact that they cannot exercise as intensely as they used to when they were younger. This is more often than not a result of injuries that did not heal properly and, of course, rusty joints. A physical therapist can not only help you heal old injuries and keep your joints mobile, but the therapist will also be able to guide you in structuring the right type of exercise routine, which avoids stress on the vulnerable joints, ligaments, and muscles, while being effective at burning calories and building muscle mass at the same time.

Fitness is more a state of mind than age really, and as long as you are able to adapt to the changes in and around you, 50 could indeed be the new 30!

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  1. This 55yr old woman has tried many things but I have always had a battle with my weight


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