Rock Your Tween Girl's Bedroom Decor with This Fun Theme #ad

My daughter is constantly changing her room and she always has ideas of what she wants.  She sees things on Pinterest and then she thinks that she needs them.  I can't blame her.  Although, I'm trying to move toward minimalism, I just get bored sometimes, too.  She says she always looks up "Cute Room Ideas" and that's how she gets her inspiration. So, she helped me put this collection together for you!  And she (not so) secretly wants all of these for herself!

Tween Bedroom Decor Style 

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These are the colors that she has been leaning toward.  When we repainted her walls and furniture this Summer, these were exactly the colors she was going for.  Since we weren't going to be able to replace our current carpet. . . a lovely color of purple. . . we skipped the navy blue for the most part.  But, she still has the aqua, pink and gray.  Not sure how the Pineapple fits into all of this, except that she just wants it really, really badly and has been asking for it for a while! At least the Pineapple bookends would be useful!

Which of these are your favorite home decor finds for tweens?

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  1. I love all these ideas! My oldest is a tween girl so I can totally relate. I love reading other bloggers that write about tweens.


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