So Cold Your Face Would Fall Off!

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We have a thermometer on our front window.  This time of year it gets used a lot.  I mean A. LOT.  There are often cries from the bedrooms of, "How cold is it today?"

I walk up to the window, look outside, and try to see the thermometer in the dark.  It is so flippin' dark while my kids are still trying to get ready.  Most days in the Fall/Winter, they get on the bus in the dark.  It's okay, though.  It's almost the first day of "Winter", so the days will start getting longer again!!!  We've almost made it to the shortest day of  the year, y'all!  Y'all?  Yes, y'all.  I'm originally from Florida.  And it's 4 degrees here today.  I remember the first year I moved up here and I called my family and said, I can count what degree it is today on one hand.  ONE HAND.

I'm still here 17 years later.  I guess that's what love will do to you.  Make you put up with stuff.

This morning, it was particularly cold in my house.  Since we finished the remodel several years ago, we've only had "real" heat in half of our house.  We were planning on either tying in the new HVAC unit to the front half of the house or getting a new HVAC unit for the front half of the house.  It hasn't happened.  We still use the old unit, but the thermostat is messed up.  We have to physically turn the thermostat on and off when we want to turn it on.  So, we only use it early in the morning and at night usually.  So, before we turn it on in the mornings, it. is. cold.  .  .  .in some rooms of the house.

This morning was one of those cold mornings in the house.  So, I turned the heat on, and peeked outside at the thermometer.

4 degrees.

4 flippin' degrees.

I don't mind the cold so much.  I mean, I can deal with a little cold weather every now and then.  But 4 degrees?  It doesn't even look right, right?

Let's not even talk about windchill.

Anyway, as soon as I saw that, I told my kids~~

"Okay, guys"

Yeah, I don't actually say y'all that much anymore.  Like I said, I've been here 17 years.  The midwesterners have beaten that out of me.  That, and they've made me start saying things like "pop" now instead of Coke (you southerners know what I'm talkin' about!)

So, anyway~~ "Okay guys,  TODAY, it's 4 degrees. That means you need to wear tall socks, gloves, hats, YES hats.  There is no excuse.  You MUST wear hats today.  And you need an under layer and a bigger coat than that one you've been wearing. Do you have a ski mask?  You should probably wear that too."

"You guys!  I'm not kidding. It's so cold out there your face will probably fall off!!!"

And my son shot back with, "I'm not sure that's how it works, mom."

"At any rate, why don't we get you a ski mask?"

In my search for ski masks, I discovered that there's something called a Balaclava.  And it has a history all it's own.  I won't bore you with those details, but it gave me some new history facts to tell my son, or rather have HIM look up.  He is totally into social studies.  He asked for a world map for Christmas. Yep. A world map.  He can be found watching all kinds of videos on different wars all over the world in history.  You probably won't catch him watching anything inappropriate, like some boys his age. Nope. Nothing but history for this guy.  He's always quizzing us and asking us questions that I have absolutely no clue about. 😅😅

Anyway, back to the ski masks or balaclavas.  What do you think about these?

Hahaha.  I'm just trying to get them to take the cold seriously.  They think they're not out in the cold that long.  My hubby and I are always asking them, "What happens if the bus breaks down?"

These kids.  It's so difficult to keep them protected now that they're tweens and teens.  We can only do what we can, and hope for the best.

Everyone stay warm. If you're in the Northern hemisphere, I hope your face doesn't fall off.  Enjoy the holiday season.

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