Top Tips for De-Cluttering Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one room in the home that can easily end up cluttered. After all, it seems that we tend to accumulate more and more appliances and dinnerware with every year that passes. The trouble is that we don’t get rid of anything either. This can cause the kitchen to feel overcrowded and difficult to navigate, meaning you won’t want to cook any meals in the evening. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some golden rules for de-cluttering your kitchen:
When did you last use that?
It can be incredibly difficult to decide whether you should keep something, throw it away, give it to charity or someone else, or sell it. One of the best ways to determine what you should do is ask yourself the following question: “When did I last use it?” This should point you in the right direction. If you used the item yesterday, this means that it is part of the backbone of your kitchen. You need to consider where to put these items carefully. They should be in easy reach considering you use them regularly. If you have used the item within the last month, you will probably want to keep it, but it does not need to be in immediate reach. If you have used the item within the last year, it should be thrown away or given to someone else. The main exception to this rule is if it is a seasonal cooking tool. Finally, if you never use the item, the decision is a pretty simple one: get rid of it.
Choose appliances with care
Appliances tend to take up most of the space in any kitchen. Therefore, you need to ask yourself whether you have chosen your appliances efficiently, or whether you could save some space by making a few changes? For example, you could swap your oven for a countertop convection oven. You can find out more about these by checking out this link: These ovens do pretty much everything that a standard oven does. The difference being that they take up a lot less space, which is exactly what you want when trying to de-clutter your kitchen.
Use the one in, one out rule
If you don’t follow this rule, all of your hard work will be pointless in the end. One of the key rules to maintaining an organized and clutter-free environment is to follow the principle of one in, one out. So, if you buy something new for your kitchen, you need to get rid of something that is currently in your kitchen in order to make space for it. This will enable you to keep on top of everything and stop the dreaded clutter from coming back.
Think practical, not pretty
When it comes to your kitchen, practicality should always come first. This does not mean that your kitchen should look ugly – of course not! But, it does mean that you should never prioritize style over functionality. For example, a lot of people like to place food in stylish jars, which means that the remaining contents of the food need to be placed elsewhere until the food inside of the jar starts to decrease. This means that you are taking up twice the amount of space that you would need to if you actually kept the food in question in the original packaging.
Make sure your storage is working in the best way possible
If you ask most homeowners, they will state that they do not feel like they have enough storage space in their kitchen. But is your storage really working in the best way possible? A lot of people will find that they are actually wasting a lot of space without realizing it.

Here are some great kitchen storage ideas for inspiration: For example, do your cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling? If not, that gap between the top of the cupboard and the ceiling is a huge bit of space that is going unused. You should also think about making the most of movable shelves in order to take advantage of more storage too.
Don’t have endless spares
A lot of us are guilty of having endless spares when it comes to glasses, cutlery and the like. Do you have enough cutlery and crockery for a family of 15, when, in fact, there are only three of you? If this is the case, get rid of some. Most people have way more spoons, plates, and mugs than are necessary. Yes, it’s nice to have the luxury of knowing you have enough dinnerware no matter how many guests arrive, but it is unnecessary. And, if you are thinking, “what about if I have a party?” Borrow some glasses! Or, better yet, use plastic ones so you don’t have to spend so much time washing up. Either way, you don’t need all those spares.
Choose products that have numerous uses
Kitchen shops today are filled to the brim with specialty products, from ice cream makers to fondue sets. But, do you really need all of these items? How many times are you going to make your own ice cream? The best thing to do is look for products that have a number of functions. Take a hand mixer as a prime example. If you have one of these, you won’t need to buy a whisk too. Instead, just buy a whisk attachment for the mixer and you will be good to go.
Hopefully, you now feel ready to go and tackle your cluttered kitchen. You will be shocked by how much of a difference this makes. You will now look forward to preparing meals in the kitchen, and everything will have a place, making it easier for you to tidy once you have finished cooking. Fall in love with your kitchen all over again.

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