What's Wrong with Wood Flooring?

When it comes to appearance, no flooring beats wooden or laminate options. They fit perfectly with the minimal living trend which has influenced so many interior choices in recent years. Wooden floors are crisp and neat and give the image of space. So much so that most modern homes are doing away with carpets in every room.

As such, you wouldn’t be alone in considering wooden floors for your house. But, when weighing up this option, it would be naive to ignore the issues. Because trust us; there are some. If you’ve only ever had carpet, there may be some unpleasant surprises lying in store when you transition. The good news is, there are ways around each of these issues. And, we’re going to talk through a few of them here. By preparing, you can ensure your wooden wonderland works for you.

The echo

The main difference is the sound. Carpet is fantastic for deadening sound and working as a form of sound-cancelling. As such, a carpeted house is generally pretty quiet. By comparison, homes with wooden flooring are like echo chambers. Every single sound will be that bit worse. You’ve probably already guessed that dropping things on a wood floor can cause a hell of a racket. But, that isn’t all. Everything, including your voices, and the sound of the television, will be that bit worse.

So, what can you do about it? For one, investing in an engineered wood underlay, like those offered by DMX, will go a long way towards tackling the issue. These are specifically designed to absorb noise. It’s also well worth investing in rugs. They have much the same sound-proofing capabilities as carpets.

The slide

Another thing it may take a while to get used to is how slippery wooden flooring can be. The majority of modern options are polished. Walking on them with only socks on your feet could spell trouble. And, if you fall on a hard floor, you’re sure to know about it. Again, rugs can help here. If you place a large rug in the center of each room, there will be much less possibility for slippages. It’s also worth getting into the habit of wearing slippers on your feet. It may take a while, but in no time, this will become second nature. Slippers will also go far in keeping your toes snug on that new, cold floor!

The cleaning

And, of course, you’ll need to consider how you clean your floor. Those with carpet dream of being able to clean a wooden floor instead. But, those who have done the job for a while will tell you that it isn’t as easy as you might think. While you will be able to put the hoover away, dust shows much faster on a wooden floor. As such, you may need to sweep once a day to keep on top of things. But, by investing in a microfiber brush designed for this job, it shouldn’t take you much time at all!

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