Audiobooks vs. Real Books

For quite some time, audiobooks have been gaining quite a popularity. They haven’t replaced actual books yet, and they probably won’t ever, but there is a stigma that listening to an audiobook is not the same as reading a book. There’s a difference in how we absorb the information in the book, true, but both audio and real books are meant for different types of people – at least most of the time. A real book is a physical object that has to be carried everywhere, while listening to MP3 Audio Books can be done practically anywhere, and your hands are free.

When audiobooks are a good choice:

·         When you either can’t or don’t want to use your eyes. Maybe you’ve been sitting in front of the computer the entire day and just want to rest, or maybe you’ve suffered an eye injury. Audio books are also good for when you have to spend extended periods in insufficiently lit places.
·         You want to fully experience the way the characters speak. If there are several characters with distinct and unique accents, it’s preferable to listen to an audiobook with a good cast rather than reading an unknown accent.
·         When you want to have an experience similar to an audio play. Epic stories and many of the classics would fall in this category.
·        When the paper book has an enormous page count, you might prefer to experience it like an episode, or lighter entertainment. Books like Moby Dick, or War and Peace can fall into this category, as they can be intimidating to read.

When paper books are a good choice:

·         Having a library with personal favorites that you tend to re-read every now and then. Not the most ideal situation if you travel a lot, but if you have a study room, a library filled with books that you want to read under ideal lighting, adds a perfect note to the ambiance.
·         They’re great for people who really prefer the feeling of paper. Quality paper books have a certain smell that just can’t be matched by anything else, and the feel of that paper under your fingertips can be amazing.
·        People that love perusing stories at bookstores have the most fun when flipping the pages and looking at the book’s cover. There’s nothing like finding a potentially great book and falling in love with it later on.

Smaller differences

·         It’s easier to make time for an audiobook than for a regular one. Audiobooks are really schedule-friendly.
·         If you use an e-book reader, you will always have thousands of books with you.
·         Audiobooks can have fantastic narrators that will completely capture the magic of the book.
·        Physical books can have amazing designs, and can add to the ambiance of any room simply by being there.

At the end of the day, what’s most important is experiencing a story. Whether it’s on paper or via audio, it doesn’t matter. Audiobooks are simply another method of consuming a book, and they are not a replacement for paper books. 

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  1. Both are great, listening to an audiobook in the car is awesome and the feel and smell of a book is wonderful


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